February 3, 2017

I love lists

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Welcome to I love Lists! Let’s see what’s up with the internet this week:

  1. What a beautiful kitchen.
  2. I found my childhood radio on Etsy.  The memories!
  3. If you need to focus. If you need light.
  4. Words to ban in your vocabulary.
  5. These photos caught my eye.
  6. 1938
  7. A pin for me.
  8. One of my favorite movies.
  9. This planner looks like a lot of fun.
  10. This dress with these shoes and this sweater.
  11. Illustrations that capture what anxiety + depression feel like.
  12. I really miss shooting film.
  13. Loved looking through Melissa’s Minimalist Pantry.
  14. This is old….but I really enjoyed it.  (warning- language)
  15. This is for my friend Andrea.  Can you imagine?!! Also, this!
  16. Some of these made me lol.
  17. Hoots. 
  18. Whoooooaaa. I want to eat these and this sushi burrito too!
  19. Beyonce is pregnant with twins. More about the artist behind the photos.
  20. If you need an escape, here are the best beaches in the world.

have a great weekend!
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  • Becky

    That clock radio…I was holding my breath when I clicked the link, hoping, hoping…and bam, there it was. Hello, old friend. Thank you for the dose of nostalgia, Tracy!

  • Kate

    I had the same radio, too! That is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Jenna

    I look forward to Fridays because of your lists!

  • Marci

    Love the clock radio! I had a Sony Dream Machine clock radio (still have it) from the 80’s. My brother gave it to me when I was 12 or 13. The best part is the snooze button is called a dream bar. Happy Friday!

  • Heidi

    I had that radio too! With the little headphones on the side?

  • andrea


  • andrea

    1. I now want to cover the old shed in the backyard with painted flowers.


  • Kat

    Thank you so much for featuring my Radio on your list! It brought a ton of traffic to my store!!

    If anyone from this page would like to purchase the radio (or anything else) here is a coupon code good for 10% off ANYTHING $20 or more in my store!

    Shutter10 (EXPIRES 2/28/17)


    Thank you so much Tracy!

  • jake

    #14. I was thinking about this in a less organized way recently.
    I know there are times when I post things on IG because I know I will get positive feedback that will lift my esteem in a way that I am not doing for myself and that there have been occasions where I needed to post the “I am having ALL OF THE FUN. EVERYONE NEEDS TO THINK I HAVE ALL OF THE FUN.” pictures.

    But since I internally bitch about social media ALL OF THE TIME for being either an intellectual circle jerk or curated “best of” moments—it was good to have him bitch about things that I totally do and know what I am doing.

    Somehow I am both inspired and embarrassed at the same time. Yeah internet.

  • Laurie

    Love your blog. I am making the chicken lettuce cups (again!) this week. They are a favorite and in heavy rotation for us right now! Also, I had the P’Jammer too! I thought that the bed buds were so cool!

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