February 17, 2017

I love lists

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Welcome to I love lists! It’s Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. Vacation. Maine. 1960s.
  2. A big bowl of this vegan caesar plz.
  3. Sriracha Stix. Definitely curious about those.
  4. I’m a fine artist.
  5. I’ve always wanted to go to a Wegman’s.
  6. I’d like to be in japan during cherry blossom season
  7. Tom Brady’s Diet is like…whoa.
  8. Kids, man.
  9. Pinterest searches: 1950s / Irish soda bread / a line bob
  10. How to avoid becoming a hermit when you work from home.
  11. Note to self: put coffee in my waffles
  12. Loved reading this list on 50 Lessons for Feeding Kids
  13. This makes me excited/uncomfortable.
  14. Romantic movies set in SF.
  15. Teas you can make from your pantry.
  16. If you are working on a media kit/one sheet, my friend Amy can help!
  17. Imagine a whole wall like this in your house.
  18. If you ever want to know if mercury is in retrograde. (I always think it is)
  19. Things that are cute: cat dish /  stained glass cacticoffee donations
  20. Apparently, there’s a lot of pressure to sell girl scout cookies!

illustration above by Helen Jane!

  • Deborah

    Oh, man! You just made me so nostalgic. I used to live about half an hour from a Wegmans in Pennsylvania, and would go whenever the opportunity arose. I am a die hard Trader Joe’s fan, but even I have to admit that Wegmans was amazing. Enormous selection. Good quality stuff. Delicious prepared foods (beat the pants off of Whole Foods). *Happy sigh*

  • Christine

    Never heard of Wegmans until I moved to Rochester, NY. Now when we travel I miss Wegmans so much. Nothing compares 2U Wegmans!

    • Hillary

      I am in Rochester too and my dirty secret is that I don’t like Wegmans. I can’t it say out loud here for fear of retribution but it’s just too big. I don’t think their meat is all that great either. Overall selection is great and the hot bar is great but I always leave rage-y and having forgotten stuff. Plus, those die hard crowds make me fear for my life in the parking lot.

  • Diana

    I grew up with Wegmans and worked for them for 12 years. They’re amazing. I can’t grocery shop anywhere else, and luckily they’ve expanded to the DC area, so I don’t have to!

  • krissy

    weggies for life! sometimes i go there (it’s an hour out of my way) and stand in the produce section and cry of happiness, it’s that good. so fresh, such selection.

  • Kate

    So I Married an Axe Murderer is one of my all-time favorite movies! True story: the scenes in Nancy Travis’ apartment were shot in a family friend’s loft on Army St. (now Cesar Chavez).

  • Amy

    Thank you for sharing my media kit template, friend!

  • Adie

    Great list! Every week I think, “this is the best list, I don’t think it can get any better!” Then the next week I think the same thing! I really enjoyed the list on feeding kids (love their books too), and I want a glass art installation in my house. Happy weekend!

  • Natalie

    Number 1 is EVERYTHING! People are drinking grasshoppers in one of the photos for Pete’s sake! LOVE!

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