March 31, 2017


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Happy Friday!! Let’s celebrate with a list because I LOVE LISTS:

  1. #3 made me snort.
  2. Looking at old photos on Etsy. This one caught my eye.
  3. New podcast I’ve been hooked on: S-Town. Have you listened to it?
  4. Whoa. SCIENCE!!!!!!!
  5. This makes me want to be more organized.
  6. Fun with paper!
  7. If you wanna feel old.
  8. I want to hang this up in my house.
  9. Home decor styling tips from a stylist!
  10. Don’t get kicked off a plane.
  11. Spring look: This dress with these shoes and these earrings.
  12. Hand salad. That’s a thing!
  14. April Fool’s is this weekend. What are you gonna do?
  15. Adult friendships are hard.
  16. Most unique items left in ubers.
  17. All the new emojis being released.
  18. Embroidery amazingness.
  19. I really really need to go to Yosemite.
  20. Breaking composition rules to make your photos better.
  21. You can eat a succulent.
  22. Anthony Bourdain trivia facts.
  23. Apparently, I’m kind….according to how I blow money at Target.
  24. How about adding these pretzel rolls into your weekend plans?
  • Ashley

    So many good ones this week! I now need to go home and organize and call my friends.

    My splurge meal this weekend is going to be a huge serving of homemade chicken parm, otherwise I would totally make those pretzel rolls. Maybe next week, I’m drooling every time I see the pictures. 🙂

  • Amy

    S Town was incredible! I binged it in a few days.

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