March 4, 2022


Are My Thoughts Useful? Handlettered by Tracy Benjamin for I LOVE LISTS // @thehandwritingclub


  1. Abandoned Olympic venues.
  2. Googly eyes make everything better. 
  3. I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like TJ’s pancake bread.
  4. This sliver of light in Yosemite! 
  5. How your brain processes reading.
  6. All about David Bowie’s Aladdin album cover/look
  7. What is corned beef anyway?
  8. How to tell if your eggs are still edible. 
  9. I want to go canyon bathing. 
  10. My front door is blue.
  11. What is sumac?
  12. Airplane passengers as explained by their pants. 
  13. Ukraine updates from photographers in the field.
  14. I love these Trader Joe’s reviews.
  15. The best fake vegetarian meat options ranked.
  16. How to be mindful while eating.
  17. Cats peek out of shirt pockets.
  18. Time travel: Rome 1956
  19. Comfy overalls: one / two / three / four
  20. Ways to help Ukraine.
  21. Weekend baking: simple drop biscuits /candied ginger bacon
  22. Spring is coming up! Download a spring bucket list template! 


  • bc in edmond

    Your lists are always so much fun to see! We are going to travel soon, and I’d love to read about airline passengers and their pants (am I wearing the wrong thing?), but there isn’t a link for it – help please!

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