April 7, 2017


I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! Here’s a list because I love them:

  1. My hair stylist told me to try sea salt spray for my hair. Here’s a DIY!
  2. Yoga poses to ground yourself.
  3. I love her use of color.
  4. Helpful food hacks. I wish I had this in college.
  5. This test is a lie. I am not a dog person.
  6. This cobbler is bonkers. I had it last weekend!
  7. Artists create book covers of their favorite books. Love this.
  8. Cat photobombs!
  9. My friend Gaby has her own salsa line at Williams Sonoma! YAY!!!
  10. Tartine Manufactory is all the rage. I tried to go, gave up after 30 mins of trying to park.
  11. The second to last one is my favorite.
  12. Wardrobe/snack. This series pleases me.
  13. Abandoned Houses of God.
  14. Why your room is messy.
  15. This dress with these shoes for something fun.
  16. Pixar’s new short film is cute.
  17. This works for me. (not for long though)
  18. These are actual things. I cannot believe it.
  19. World’s Best 50 Restaurants for 2017.
  20. Started doing the #100dayproject this week!! Follow it on Instagram.
  21. Passports from around the world.   <— Ryan!
  22. Success Mantras from strong female leaders.
  • Jacqueline

    Thanks for sending a cool blast of positivity my way! xo

  • Rebeca

    I came across that tinnitus “cure” a long time ago before I had a diagnosis, it never worked for me, unfortunately. I’ve been living with it for about 12 years, and though I’m used to it, it can still irritate me sometimes. Is yours constant?
    Also, I love that dress, though I don’t think I could pull it off. I have a wedding to attend and so far I’ve found zero dresses I like.

    • Tracy

      you should try eshakti.com (i just got some really cute dresses from them and they can customize it to your measurements!)

      • Rebeca

        Oh they have super cute dresses! And I love that you can customise it to your liking. Too bad they don’t deliver to my country. 🙁

  • Novita

    Went to Tartine Manufactory last week, spent 1 hour looking for a parking spot!

  • Gigi

    have a big problem of parking over there. Totally agreed with “NOVITA “

  • Stacy S

    totally got lost for hours on the cat photobomb website (bored panda). oh my gawd!

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