June 23, 2017


 I love lists - a weekly collection of links + inspiration on Shutterbean.comWelcome to I LOVE LISTS. Here’s a list because I love them!

  1. What’s up with all of those detox diets?
  2. This blew my mind.
  3. I like this professor.
  4. Upgrade tips!
  5. The best of green beauty products
  6. Am I the only one that’s disturbed by this??? also THIS
  7. Good food product design 
  8. The perfect summer dessert.
  9. You may have to sit down for this.
  10. Laughter Yoga is a thing.
  11. The robots are already taking over.
  12. Annoying things are annoying.
  13. I love how wildly random these prints are– especially this one.
  14. I’ve always been fascinated by courtroom illustrations.
  15. Can Amazon help Whole Foods fix itself?
  16. Why make regular s’mores when you can make banana oatmeal cookie s’mores?
  17. Some truths if you need to get your SH*T together.
  18. How to host a relaxed dinner party like an Italian.
  19. Waffle Corn Dogs. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.
  20. Beach cover-ups:  one / two / three / four
  21. Seriously though, these tops are annoying.
  22. These photos please me so much…they make my brain tingle.
  23. For a mental break: watch this!
  • Lisa Bower

    Wow number 1, the interview with the angry chef? I really needed to hear that!! I was just telling my husband not too long ago that eating has become so stressful bc of all you hear about how you should eat this way or that way…I really dont want to live on just meat or never eat sugar but if I dont will I cause my own demise? and so on…that is so amazing these myths are allowed to be put out there with not laws and no hard facts!

  • Paula

    The laughter yoga brings to mind a memory of a game we used to play in high school cross country: Everyone would lie in a circle with their head on the stomach of the person next to them (or more like their diaphragm). One person would start with a single “ha”. The next person would add to it — “ha ha”. The person with her head on your diaphragm would feel the laugh, and by the time you got to five or six “ha”s, the entire circle had usually disintegrated into uncontrollable giggles. I think someone could probably charge a LOT of money for that as a form of therapy. I’d do it!

  • Rachel

    The tops of my goodness, why! I won’t even consider buying a top if I have to have some special bra to wear with it and for me that includes strapless, Thankfully I think this is just a fad and not something that will last!

  • Kristina

    Agree 100% on how annoying those tops are.

  • Stacy

    I am here in Spain for two months, and those stupid tops are EVERYWHERE in the stores. No thank you. And I am also not a fan of the really short shorts that seem to be the only kind available these days. I guess I will stick to my sundresses.

  • Kimberly

    Right before I looked at you links I was shopping online and I narrowed my search down for long sleeve tops. They were all off the shoulder or open shoulder ones!! I out loud said “THOSE DON’T COUNT AS LONG SLEEVES!” When I got to 21 I was like I bet it is those damn tops that don’t count!

  • fusilliamy

    That TED Talk made my brain explode it was so good! And I needed those truths because I need to get my S together!!! Annnd I am also disturbed!! Instagram is my last happy place for social media-ing but not if everything is going to start looking the same and formulaic. I’m about to dust off my old flip phone for emergencies only and dig up my ipod to listening to podcasts – ha! Those tops need to gtfo. For serious.

  • Natalie

    Went clothes shopping today and saw so so many annoying tops and had not saw your post until now!! I thought while I was shopping that these tops would annoy the crap out of me if I tried to wear! LOL

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  • Mischell Burke

    This blew my mind! Wow this Ted Talk was so relatable to my life! I am still in the caretaker role and I feel sometimes like I have to fix it all! I really relate and need to work on me more. Thank you!

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