March 9, 2018


I love lists - a collection of links from Shutterbean.com

I LOVE LISTS, so here’s one for you:

  1. A better way to compliment someone is to acknowledge what they’ve done.
  2. Juuling is a thing and don’t let your kid use the internet. Like EVER.
  3. This is food for the soul oh gosh and this too!!
  4. My Enneagram number is 2.
  5. I had no idea there were so many Oreo flavors.
  6. Five signs your kid might be an artist
  7. Thoughts on double dipping?
  8. They never really grow up, do they?
  9. How it feels to be a Mom.
  10. This is mind-blowing.
  11. An interesting read on class differences between parents & children.
  12. I wish they had this in our typing class in high school.
  13. What brands did for International Women’s Day
  14. I’d like to have a neon sign some day.
  15. How to feed yourself when you’re really depressed.
  16. How to Be Anxious
  17. I’ve been wanting a black house for 20 years now. YES.
  18. Adults are living in dorm-like housing in San Francisco now. 
  19. Reading about diabetes in this way is so much easier on my visual brain.
  20. Just lovely: buddha head planter / lady painting / delicate temporary tattoos
  21. This pleases me.
  22. Has this happened to you with your Alexa?  That is so creepy!
  23. Let’s make some breakfast cookies, ok?


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The change in light in the afternoons right now. Spring is arriving.

Sweet & Spicy Tea  in the afternoon with a bit of vanilla almond milk.

Turkey White Bean Chili on a chilly Thursday night after baseball.

Having a few brownies stashed in our freezer right now.

All the notes you write on your orders from my shop!  You’re all so sweet.

Reliving my high school brain by listening to Portishead.

Imperfect Produce. I’m on my third week of using them for produce delivery.  Ours comes on a Friday so it’s fun to enter the weekend with a few new things in my toolbox. I like that I can expect produce that has marks on it. It would infuriate me when I would order produce from other companies, pay a fortune for it and then have damaged produce. So far I haven’t received anything treacherous and the price is pretty great for all the organic produce you get. I had a raccoon get into one of my boxes. Turns out raccoons like apples. Lesson learned. 🙂  Check them out if they’re in your area- Here’s a $10 off code for your first order!


  • Molly

    Yes! There was a Spotify throwback playlist last week? two weeks ago? that pulled me right back into Portishead and Massive Attack. So fun. So many awakened memories.

    • Tracy

      My yoga teacher played it during class and I’ve been hooked back into ever since!

  • Ashley

    Wow. That article on musical.ly is insane! I don’t have kids yet but am going to start saving to pay off my future children now!

  • Laressa Gallagher

    Wait, did you say breakfast cookies? Where are the breakfast cookies?

    • Tracy

      They’re there! I’m just super delayed today on the internet 🙂

  • Susan

    My son was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of 24. At the time he was working at the local hospital health club with the children’s recreation programs. He was playing in 2 adult soccer leagues. He was running daily after spending his school years running cross country and track. He occasionally competed in mini triathlons. He was 6’4 and about 165 lbs. He seemed the picture of health. Then he got a concussion one night while playing soccer game. No running or soccer for a while. Yet he did not seem to be getting better. The concussion was getting better while the diabetes that we did not realize he had was starting to rear it’s ugly head.

    Luckily he was still living at home while saving money for a home of his own. Had he not been at home, where I watched him drink a pitcher of lemonade and complain he was still thirsty, he might not be around now. If he’d been living on his own at that time, he probably would have lapsed into a coma that night. It took me a few hours to convince him that something wasn’t right and we needed to get to the ER. At the ER they took his blood sugar and it was over 1000. He was told that he was the first person they have had come to the ER with a blood sugar that high who was still talking and not in a coma.

    Today he does very well with his diabetes. His activity level does help him cope, as well as having his insulin pump and glucose monitor. He now works at the school district preschool, supporting the children with special needs, as well as coaches cross country and track at the middle school next door to the preschool. He is lucky that he has great insurance coverage through the district, but his out of pocket expenses can still be high at certain points in the year. There is also the constant issue with the insurance company changing what devices and brands they will cover. And yes he has definitely seen a rise in costs the past year and has lost some ability to choose what works best for him sometimes.

    He still deals with people who are shocked he’s diabetic because he’s so fit. He still deals with people who will tell him “just don’t eat any sugar” not understanding that Type 1 is a completely different animal than Type 2 and it’s not that simple.

    At the preschool there are a couple kids who are Type 1s and he has been a major impact on them and their families. If they need to check a kid’s levels, he will check his along with the child. The families are encouraged to see him and it gives them hope their kids will be ok.

  • Cassie

    My daughter has been Type 1 diabetic for 10 years now, and for a while we didn’t have insurance. Just the test strips for her to test her blood where she was using 6 a day (on a good day, otherwise she used more) were $1 each. That on top of hundred of dollars for insulin was a tough time for us. Now we have insurance (thank goodness!), but the copays for doctors and the costs of medication are still a burden, obviously much less, but it’s going to be something she’s going to have to deal with forever. And I would love to see costs to go down.

  • J

    Tracy: I read your Friday Lists every week. It’s a wonderful ritual to anticipate and I use it to entertain and educate me all weekend long.. I wanted to thank you deeply for the how to feed yourself article. I click on all your links and I didn’t know how much I needed this until it was open on my screen. I can’t even get through the first two paragraphs right now but I saved it and I will.

  • Ashley Hildebrand

    Some friends and I are obsessed with the Enneagram (I’m a 7, my husband is a 5). It is honestly so helpful! I really do feel like I better understand my motivations and fears, which helps me dissect things a little further and fully face them. There are a ton of books and websites out there, Some really great podcasts too! It’s a rabbit hole, good luck!

  • LJ

    That San Francisco dorm living way of life<<<would totally do that at this point in my life. I need to find a job there!

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