July 8, 2022


More Connected / I love lists Tracy Benjamin


  1. A look at how much groceries cost in the U.S.
  2. I wonder what it was like to sit in one of these desks.
  3. The history of ballpoint pens.
  4. These photos make me want to travel.
  5. Burger King time capsule.
  6. It’s amazing what a smartphone can do these days.
  7. This house in Tahoe! Wow.
  8. Martha’s Vineyard looks like a yummy place to visit.
  9. A whole bunch of strange products. 
  10. Look at the view from this kitchen.
  11. The science behind hangovers. 
  12. This POV of a McDonald’s lunch rush is fascinating! 
  13. What does pickleball have to do with pickles?
  14. These wool sculptures are creepy cool.
  15. Serendipitous street photos. 
  16. This airplane seat arrangement seems awkward. 
  17. Sometimes I look at old photos on Etsy.
  18. These stuffed pepper bowls look like my kinda food! 
  19. I like looking at modern victorian interior photos.
  20. How to tell if your eggs are bad. 
  21. Weekend reading: The Year of Magical Thinking
  22. Let’s read our horoscopes.

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