April 20, 2018


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. This is a very good obituary.
  2. What’s my day rate?
  3. Let’s ditch work and go to Europe.
  4. How to spot a fake video
  5. Self-care is building a life you don’t want to escape from
  6. Parents- what they say vs. what they mean
  7. Let’s daydream…. and look at pictures of the 1950s
  8. This cake looks absolutely lovely.
  9. These recipe videos in the style of great directors are awesome. 
  10. The rise of Kerrygold butter in the US– one of my favorites.
  11. Millenials don’t like to touch meat. So it means MORE PLASTIC! Yay (sarcasm)
  12. What a cute trailer!
  13. I don’t know about you but I don’t like a restaurant treating me like crap
  14. Questions to ask before purchasing
  15. Look at this perfect spring cocktail!
  16. Ketchup slices??! Too far, I think.
  17. Very cool: this pin /leggings /hanging planters
  18. #5 is my reality...but also like I’ve got a knife in my hand! Be careful.
  19. Don’t let your kids use your apps
  20. We’re all buying into Amazon Prime. I mean. Shipping is so expensive, right?
  21. Too bad this fishing town in China is abandoned. It’s really pretty.
  22. My Sharona was the biggest song out during the year I was born.


Super Soul Sunday podcast. I started listening to it on my trip to LA this week. Hearing Oprah’s voice helps my mental health.

Bought myself a jar of garlic gold because I was super curious about it and am really loving it! It’s great on green beans and we dip bread it in too!

The Light Between Us is on my nightstand. I’m definitely enjoying it so far.

  • Jane M

    Each week I see the KerryGold butter at Costco – and since I love to bake – I AM GOING TO TRY IT! How can I not????? Thanks for the hint -it’s a sign :). Happy FriYay!

  • emily

    now i really want some s’mores while watching wes anderson.

  • Cindy

    That obituary is gold.

    and thanks for the love.

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