Dahlia corsage from notmartha!

The internet is so very kind. I’ve made soo many good friends over the past few years and every now and then I get a little treat in the mail from somebody special. Today I found this waiting for me.

for ME!!!

My very own dahlia corsage from Megan of notmartha!!!!!!


How did she know I WANTED ONE SOOO BADLY???!!!!!

soo sweet

I pinned it on IMMEDIATELY. It matches the navy blue striped tee I have on today.

thank you megan!!!!

Thank you Megan!  I am absolutely stunned at how beautiful it is!  What a nice little surprise in my mailbox this morning!

Any mother would be utterly delighted to receive one for Mother’s day. I know I am!!  XOXOXOXOX

Check out her tutorial and her notes!   It’s soo detailed & amazing.

  • Megan

    You are very welcome, I’m so glad you like it! It was so great to meet you last year, and I hope to see you again this year. (Wish I wasn’t too cheap to come out for BlogHer Food.)

  • anna

    super duper cute, esp on w/ your stripe-T!! happy mother’s day!

  • peachey


  • wootowl

    This is adorable, Megan! Tracy would be happy to give you my address. I’m a mom too! 😉

  • christine

    Lucky lady!

  • Helen


  • Dana

    She is so talented, isn’t she? We live in the same city and I have yet to meet her. Got to remedy that. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day.

    • Tracy

      You should! We met at blogher last year. Will you be going this year? Please say yes!!! Happy Mothers day to you too, sweetpeach! xoxo

  • Cousin Jen

    Love it! it is so you!

  • regan

    Mine arrived today! It so makes up for the fact that Jason left everything Mother’s Day related up to me.

  • Kristin

    SOO Cute!! I have just found your blog and I LOVE LOVE it!!!! Quick question, I have a nice canon I use but curious to what lens you use for everyday photographing of you little one, food, home, etc.?? Don’t stop blogging, I love this!!

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