Chocolate Sherbet

lil scoops

A glimpse inside my brain:

“Ok I am making baby food, cooking dinner, fighting off hungry cats, cleaning up my mess in the kitchen, feeding Cooper–what else can I do?? Well here’s a post of a Chocolate Sherbet recipe…hmmm…I have all the ingredients….I’ve already made a mess in the kitchen- WHY NOT MAKE SOME SHERBET IN ADDITION TO EVERYTHING ELSE I’M MAKING?! Come on Tracy! The mess will be worth it!!!”

So yes, I did just that. Because I decided to make it at 7pm last night, we didn’t get to enjoy it until today. It was worth the wait! The chocolate is DECADENT and rich.

The lack of heavy cream or a custard based ice cream makes it very very light. It doesn’t make you feel weighed down and guilty- like WHAT DID I JUST DO TO MYSELF. It’s more like “Oh! That was delightful. That jolt of chocolate is just what I needed.”

used the small scoop

I used a small cookie scoop to fill my little dish. It was a perfect amount of chocolate.

It will give you that fix you are looking for.

adding some bananas on top

My goal this summer is to have a banana split party– this was just a prelude. The banana slices on top gave me a lil glimpse of what’s in store for me when I take that dive into bananasplitsville.

You can find the recipe here. Thank you David! You are a genius.

  • regan

    I’ve never had much interest in banana splits before, but this summer I think they are the bee’s knees

  • Kate

    Ooohhhh, this looks yummy!

  • alex*

    i always forget how fun it is to make ice cream or sorbet!! looks fabulous as all your stuff…

    • Tracy

      alex- ice cream making IS fun- the anticipation kills me though 😉 And then I am in trouble because I have a huge container in my freezer that MUST be eaten 😉

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