May 11, 2018



  1. Bartenders giving sage advice.
  2. These murals make my brain spin (in a good way!)
  3. How to save some money while grocery shopping- pay attention!
  4. Now I want to go to New Mexico
  5. I’d like to make this hanging planter sometime soon.
  6. Some ways to be happier!
  7. Kinda cool to see how an SNL sketch gets made. 
  8. Some new wallpapers for your tech
  9. Speaking of wallpaper, this one is fun!
  10. How to offer condolences without sounding like an ass.
  11. We never stop touching our phone now.
  12. 100 ways to eat eggs. YUM.
  13. How to be aggressively delightful!
  14. I’ve learned that my husband is not an ASMR fan.
  15. One of my favorite places to go- Hog Island Oyster Farm
  16. My most attractive quality is Optimism— based on my Greek food choices!
  17. Funny parenting hacks are my favorite.
  18. Drones…UGH.
  19. Cute earrings alert: one / two / three
  20. My first Mother’s Day without my mom (my reality) This one is also a good read.
  21. Speak your truth if you want to be happy!
  22. How to overcome analysis paralysis of decision making.
  23. An interview with Nigella Lawson (she was one of my heroes when I first started cooking on my own!)


Adding collagen to my turmeric lattes. I can see my skin improving and my nails and hair are growing fast!

Library checkoutsInventing Joy / Foraged Flora / Market Cooking

Carrot Coconut Soup– I made this week and have been enjoying it for lunches!

  • Jessica

    I love reading your site and following you on IG. I don’t know why this is my first post, as I feel very connected to so many things you write and post. BUT, OMG – that woman eating a pickle is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I don’t get it!! Ick. But glad she is making people happy?

  • Megan

    You MUST travel to NM! My family lives near Santa Fe. The food is incredible, the views even better, and I feel a sense of peace when I’m there. Many say visiting the Santa Fe area is like being on a spiritual journey. I hope you visit the state someday!

  • Kate

    I’m so excited you posted this collagen powder. Most of them are so expensive! Thinking of you today!

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