April 8, 2022


How does your garden grow? I LOVE LISTS/ shutterbean - by Tracy Benjamin


  1. This house transformation is epic. 
  2. Some proof healthcare here is NUTS.
  3. Easter eggs in real life. 
  4. Easter crafts to inspire.
  5. Googie Architecture in Los Angeles. 
  6. Surreal collage art is fun to look at. 
  7. Museum of Endangered Sounds– so cool! 
  8. I found a few fave childhood toys:  desk airport /parking garage
  9. Time travel to the 1910s – traveling circus Ireland.
  10. I need to make this lox bagel pizza again! 
  11. What do you do when the tips of plant leaves are brown.
  12. All the best food in all the MLB ballparks ranked. 
  13. Have you tried adding Cheetos to your salad? 
  14. This looks like a home from my childhood.
  15. Restaurant name trends are fascinating. 
  16. A bunch of egg decorating inspiration. 
  17. Natural egg dye looks like a fun project. 
  18. Gray whales are popping up in the bay.
  19. What is rhubarb?
  20. My first new pair of shoes in over 2 years. 
  21. A compilation of funny cooking accidents. 


  • Jamie

    I found the Fisher Price garage at the thrift store and my son and I had loads of fun with a pile of matchbox cars for several years before donated it back to the thrift store. Today I’m giving away the house and some odds and ends of furniture and people, but I’m totally keeping the circus and animals I acquired. Ah, the memories.

  • Kara

    The Museum of Endangered Sounds was soooo good! That Nokia ringtone got me 🙂 Thanks Tracy; your lists are always fun.

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