August 3, 2018


I LOVE LISTS - a weekly web series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. Making a doughnut wall is an essential life skill.
  2. I knew this would happen!
  3. How to get rid of brain freeze
  4. This is quite a wall!
  5. The internet is going nuts for watermelon steak. Curious.
  6. How to make friends, according to science.
  7. My mom LOVED Pierce Brosnan
  8. Funny things captured in a grocery store.
  9. Stretchy ice cream… gonna need stretchy pants now.
  10. Some google search tips
  11. We are inadvertently creating super germs
  12. Why does bagged salad make us sick?
  13. Van Gogh is on VANS!! Sign me up!
  14. I find these animated gifs very soothing.
  15. Food is being served in iPads in restaurants now. Oh my word.
  16. I didn’t know that subway hands were a thing. News to me!
  17. My friend Andrea sent me this article about sleep. IT IS SO GOOD.
  18. 4 mind set shifts that can boost productivity. 
  19. All the things I’ve favorited on Etsy.
  20. My friend Melissa made a wedding cake and it’s BEAUTIFUL
  21. Summer can be really hard for people suffering from mental illness.
  22. My brain wants to make the double bread bowl a bread boat instead.
  23. These photos make me want to go to the beach.


Sharing my take on the importance of Family Dinners on Mother this week. Check it out here! 

I am going to be teaching a food photography class in Santa Fe next May! Make sure you mark your calendars if you’re looking for a creative travel adventure. It will be with Santa Fe Photography Workshops. Right now they have a great cookbook writing class with Deborah Madison in September if you’re looking for an inspiring getaway. I’ll send you more info soon. I’m super excited to go to Santa Fe! I’ve never been.


  • laura v.

    My mom loves Peirce Brosnan too! (I had commented earlier on her love of Huey Lewis also, they are kindred spirits) She named me after Laura Holt from Remington Steele haha

    • Tracy

      Oh my goodness that’s so cool. My brother ryan is named after Ryan O’Neal! My oldest brother named me and I think it was after a soap opera character, lol.

  • Casey

    I just wanted to say that your I Love Lists is my favorite part of my week. I’ve been getting it for a while; somewhere in there, my mother died. I was in a fog, so I don’t know/remember when yours did as well, but I wanted to share belated condolences and let you know how truly I appreciate your sharing honest articles about grief. It’s a part of life, and it helps me to think others feel it, too.

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