January 2, 2008

silence is golden

whew! the holiday season has passed. It feels good to not have all of these social events looming

in the past few days we:

-had Casey’s family over for another Patriots victory

– finally got to see juno (LOVED it!!)

how we spent part of saturday

-spent a rainy morning with my hubby at breakfast:

making a modern breakfast

thanks for your help, spoon this is a breakfast *sandwich*

took one of my last self portraits of 2007 in the rain:

i just ate a massive breakfast.

enjoyed the quiet in the house with the kitty fats:

fuzzy lighting

took a long shower to decompress:

the air smells good outside

Celebrated the New Year with the family & Lobsters:

my mom is up to no good

we all wore these awesome glasses:

2008, ducktail


mom makes a really good linguine with clams:

linguini with clams

garlic breads!

had too much wine…and took some blurry photos…..


too much wine for me.


and now I’m off to crunch numbers….and contemplate all my resolutions/goals for the New Year. Headache is still present…and now I have the sniffles. Oh! and I had a whole bottle of water spill in my bag this morning. Isn’t that the biggest suck?

  • whitneybee

    Happy New Year! Did I already say that? I may have…
    I am so not ready to be back at work right now…

  • Tracy

    i know….seriously. me too. i should have taken the week off!

  • Adam Smith

    Juno looks like such a good movie, it’s a shame it doesn’t come out here in the UK for another two weeks. It came out on the 10th December in the US yet it doesnt come out here til the 8th of Feb.

    I don’t know why either, it looks like a really, really good film.

  • Tracy

    adam! you should see it the SECOND it comes out there. It’s sooo good.

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