January 21, 2011

365- Week 3

A food related photo every day til 2012. Here’s week 3:

21/365 Makeshift Chilaquiles

makeshift chilaquiles

20/365 Peanut Butter+Banana+ English Muffin+Agave Syrup= Breakfast

PB+Banana+Agave Syrup+English Muffin= Breakfast

19/365 Runny yolk on an English muffin with Chicken Apple Sausage

Egg Sandwich & Chicken Apple Sausage

18/365 A cappuccino & some vegan thumbprint cookies (recipe soon!)

Breakfast of Champions!

17/365 Americano, toast with blueberry jam I made the night before


16/365  Arugula, Fennel & Orange Salad in progress


15/365 Champagne Tasting Party

champagne tasting with friends

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