April 17, 2017

Intentions for the Week

Intentions for the Week - Shutterbean.com

Hey! Happy Monday! We’re on break from school this week, so my schedule is going to be a bit thrown off. I’ll have Cooper with me at home and I am traveling later this week, so maybe some of these restrictions will help me be better at organizing my time? We’ll see!

Last week’s intentions:


  • take a hike (def need some headspace!)
  • yoga x 2 (definitely feel off because I didn’t go)
  • finish S-town
  • finish up tax stuff
  • straighten up bedroom closet
  • call insurance co. for the 6th time re: overbilling
  • catch up on social media work (I need an assistant)
  • figure out the menu for this weekend
  • dye Easter eggs
  • put together Easter basket
  • Etsy shop- keep working on it (working on prints so there’s that)
  • mail birthday package to Camden (ugh not done yet!)
  • library visit – return books/pick up new ones (didn’t have time)
  • mail letters to readers
  • return GAP order (it’s in my car…)(IT WILL BE DONE I PROMISE)
  • drink more water 
  • eat healthier (hahahaa. OOPS)
  • finish laundry
  • catch up on blog work
  • shoot/post recipe this week
  • delete photos from my phone (lagged on this)
  • water plants
  • continue working on the 100 days project/ post

This Week’s Intentions:

  • hang out with family
  • ask my parents as many questions as possible
  • write in journal/continue the #100daysmusiclyrics project
  • post penne recipe
  • unpack car from road trip
  • water plants
  • research plants for the front yard
  • finish vision board
  • grocery shopping
  • deal with RX/health insurance (UGGGH)
  • return library books
  • figure out what to do with old clothes
  • catch up on writing letters
  • post items on etsy/think of better name
  • get caught up on social media
  • make some good food for boys to eat while I’m gone
  • work on two recipes
  • exercise/go for a long walk or 2
  • pack for Nashville trip (going to visit Joy!)
  • find white denim jacket
  • straighten up house
  • deep clean kitchen

What about you?? What are your intentions for this week?

Type them out, let’s see! 


  • Kristin

    Oh wow…I am flying to Nashville this weekend for training. I will keep my eyes open in the airport. So yeah, I have to pack too. And get potting soil and pot some plants. And I will probably buy some more plants while I am at it, because that’s a problem I have. And I have to think about calling and setting up dr/dentist/eye dr appts for when the college kids are home this summer. Ugh. Ugh to the setting up of appointments, not ugh to having my kids home.

    • Tracy

      Ooooh. What are you wearing? I have to check and see what the weather is going to be like!

  • Airlie Loiaconi

    Thank you for continuing this series! I’ve been looking forward to it each week.

    -Eat outside at least 4 times, any meal
    -Walk at lunch at least 3 times
    -Walk to/from McPherson Square metro 5 times (It’s one metro stop further from my office, so it adds a mile to my steps)
    -Finish a book (any book will do, just read more words!)
    -Keep working through magazines
    -Resist each day (call my Senators/House Rep., write my postcards, go to the impromptu marches in front of the White House)
    -Keep drinking my pitcher of water each day
    -Pack up our home office, the massive bookshelf, and the end tables.
    -Don’t spend any money at Sephora (it opened 1 block from my office. I am doomed)

    • Tracy

      I love eating outside. It’s the best!!

      I cannot imagine working a block away from Sephora. That would be nuts/dangerous.

    • Michela

      I love the “resist each day” intention. That’s always on my mind, but I like the idea of making it a task on your to-do list. I’m going to borrow that!xo

  • mallory

    I love these intentions and keeping yourself accountable throughout the week. It is hard tackling day to day stuff like taking the books back to the library and when not done it can eat away at ya. Have fun in Nashville! Heading there myself next weekend for our mini honeymoon! Enjoy!

  • Anna

    A social media assistant you say…*pondering emoji*
    …I’m a social media manager by trade 😉

  • Jamie

    I’m starting with things I’ll do today so I have something to cross off…

    #100daysofplaying with paper projects – sew a coptic book this week!
    return pants via Amazon
    Sew dance bra – bottom band, doilies, top bands. cover straps?
    Register F for kindergarten (he’s getting so big!! sob, sob)
    yoga x2
    meditate for 5 minutes DAILY
    watch sugar intake in prep for Sugar Detox next week (yes, ignore all Easter candy)
    Dig out baby clothes to give to Amanda
    Put together packing list for Nashville/Florida trip in 2 weeks
    Breathe deeply

    • Tracy

      i am ignoring all of the easter candy right now.
      IT IS HARD.
      BREATHE DEEP should be on my list too.

  • Vanessa

    that one about “ask parents as many questions as possible” this one has been on my list for a while now. I can’t figure out why it is so difficult for me to ask my mom questions about her childhood, about her young adult life… but as I watch her cross the room these days, I see time slipping and it freaks me out. (she is in amazing health, btw. but time doesn’t stand still)

    I really love this idea of weekly intentions. It does make a difference, doesn’t it!

  • Jennie

    Catch up on laundry (boring!)
    Make dr. appt.
    Get a pedicure!
    Return bathing suits I didn’t like
    Read on the porch every night
    Buy tickets to see a play

    • Tracy

      laundry bores me too. watching trashy tv/listening to podcasts help though!

    • Michela

      Ooooh what play?? My parents took all of my siblings to see Matilda last week for our birthdays and it was fantastic! Though it’s quite a dark story now that I see it through the lens of adulthood.. ha!

      • Jennie

        Ragtime is playing in DC and I have a friend in the cast….didn’t get my tickets though. This week!

  • caitlin

    my new favorite type of post on Shutterbean! I need to start doing this. thank you so much for sharing! <3

  • Abby

    – Grocery shop
    – Clean kitchen
    – Sweep Patio
    – Be present
    – Let go of what I can’t control
    – Focus
    – Yoga x4
    – Consume more veggies

  • Emm

    Hi Tracy! I notice “delete photos from iPhone” on your list. This is such a struggle! Do you have a post about how you organize your photos, both iPhone and fancy camera? I love your organization posts. I’m just figuring out a new system. I have such a hard time deleting them off my phone. Thanks!

  • Rebeca

    – Finish translation
    – No coffee. For real!
    – Pilates x 3
    – Step up my breakfast game
    – Talk to boyfriend’s friends to plan a party
    – Clean the car
    – Organise computer folders (ugh)
    – Get enough sleep

  • Alot

    Levi’s classic white trucker is the best. Affordable, little bit of stretch, not too short.

  • Michela

    As always, Tracy, these weekly intention posts are killer! I look forward to them every week.

    -Walk/run every weeknight this week (already succeeded yesterday!)
    -Exchange running shoes
    -Book Prague walking tour, boat tour, and Terezin private tour
    -Organize master bath lotions/potions so I’ll actually USE them
    -Don’t eat any more fruit leather, because that’s just Whole30 candy
    -Avoid TV and phone after 9pm


  • Meredith

    My weekly intensions:
    -Only listen to S-Town while I’m walking. 1 hour of podcast=1 hour of walking
    -Finish prepping for the 13-year-olds bday party
    -Try not to freak out that my baby is 13
    -Drink more water
    -Make 4 recipes from the Lucky Peach cookbook
    -Finish reading bookclub book The Separation

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