July 17, 2015

I love lists, Friday!

I love lists, Friday!


  1. This mobile office space is incredible.
  2. I despise small talk.
  3. Proof that cats are always drunk
  4. Cut your children’s screen time— you gotta do it yourself! 
  5. This coffee seltzer situation intrigues me.
  6. I’m so bad at stretching. Maybe I need to do it. Maybe I don’t.
  7. What happens when you get rid of all of your stuff?
  8. Architecture porn.
  9. Portland looks fun these days.
  10. Make your own tonic water!
  11. This dude loves burritos.
  12. Deb had a baby girl! Congrats, Deb. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!
  13. Love this DIY Succulent Garden.
  14. The Case for the 32 Hour Workweek.
  15. OMG these cactus pincushions are way too cute.
  16. How the internet responded to Amazon Prime Day. HAHA
  17. This soup looks really good.
  18. People are freaking out over this picture of Pluto.
  19. A 4 minute method to be Massively Productive.
  20. What’s really in your food?
  21. I love this guy so much.
  22. A really good read on what it’s like to clean houses for the wealthy.

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  • HeatherChristo

    thank you for the soup love T!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    Yea for more babies! A cutie for sure!

  • sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com

    small talk on the phone?? wins as thw worse! cactus pincushions, wins best in show 😉

  • Susan

    Some of the facts on the food labeling infographic is out of date or false or very exaggerated. Some of the sources they used are known for making false claims about what is in foods.
    For example: Propylene glycol is not the antifreeze from our cars, Ethylene glycol is. PG is approved as a food additive by the FDA and is considered a nontoxic antifreeze as is salt.
    Castoreum was at one time used as a flavoring but is now so costly to collect it is not used in foods anymore. It is however used in perfumes because the cost can be recovered in the price of the perfume.
    And No, red bull does not have bull bile. Taurine is synthetically produced. Although taurine does occur naturally in human breast milk also.

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    The screen time reduction has been both easy and hard in our home since having my son 14 months ago. We got rid of satellite a few years ago, so the TV is basically never time. Buuuuuut I love my iPhone and my husband his iPad, so those are battles too. I’ve tried hard but I know I have work to do (and I’m not saying get rid of it completely, but do I really need to check Facebook AGAIN so I can see how someone responded to someone else’s ballsy post about whatever political issue? No).

  • Lindsay

    The link for your favorite store bought snacks doesn’t work. Sadface.

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