August 9, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Brene Brown on What Toni Morrison taught her about parenting
  2. Home Alone, 2019  lol
  3. Nebraska is not for everyone.
  4. How did people react to Instagram taking away their likes in a beta test?
  5. Some people live in the strangest conditions.
  6. Kids who know what they want.
  7. What guests hate most at weddings.
  8. This grandma is so freaking cute.
  9. The streets of San Francisco in the 1950s.
  10. I didn’t have any Mom friends for the fisrt few years of Cooper’s life.
  11. I feel like street tacos are very fitting for California. We LOVE them.
  12. How to reduce your Amazon packaging waste.
  13. I wish we could split a spiked coffee milkshake together.
  14. Why a cat always lands on its feet.
  15. I really want to see this movie.
  16. Converse that change color in sun! WANT.
  17. Some pretty creative moms in this roundup!
  18. I’m pretty sure Cooper would love this exhibit.
  19. What to do with that leftover buttermilk.
  20. To make: vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream/ coconut curry meatballs
  21. All of the art from my lists goes here!
  22. Two of my friends (named Lisa!) have new books- Finding Your Artistic Voice + A Field Guide to Color

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  • Sina

    The leo-painting is so beautiful!
    Great list, as always.

    Enjoy all of Italy, it’s food, art, cities and landscapes 🙂
    Sina from Germany

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