September 20, 2019




  1. Squirrel sniffs flower
  2. Inventory of emergency vehicles. Whoa.
  3. Baby zebra born with spots!
  4. Ambulance turned home.
  5. How to support an employee with social anxiety.
  6. North America is losing birds.
  7. This dress is beyond cute.
  8. Old photographs of classic beauties.
  9. I love a black accent wall.
  10. A photographer’s take on our relationship with our phones.
  11. How to tell someone to get off their phone.
  12. Instagram shouldn’t let kids see a long of things.
  13. Why some people become lifelong readers.
  14. I want to go last-minute camping.
  15. Go to therapy. Especially for your work stuff.
  16. Great homes architects designed for themselves.
  17. Little acts that can brighten someone’s day.
  18. Signs misspelled. 
  19. The most scenic drive in all of the states. 
  20. I bet you would like this, Lauren!
  21. Scientists studied logo designs.
  22. Dreamlife paintings one and two
  23. I had no idea what a slofie was.
  24. Chocolate Banana Bread should be in your weekend plans!
  25. Hey! I updated new FAVORITES in my SHOP section of my blog.


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