March 27, 2020



  1. Kids trolling their parents. Some pretty smart kids in this bunch!
  2. The biggest distance learning experience in history, week 1.
  3. The discomfort you feel right now is grief.  Yes it is.
  4. A whole bunch of bean recipes!
  5. Man sends his dog to get him cheetos.
  6. A virtual symphony!
  7. People who are having a worse quarantine than you.
  8. This boyfriend was such a good sport.
  9. I feel like I have 5 jobs- Moms navigate quarantining. 
  10. Drone captures empty San Francisco.
  11. 13 things on the internet that will lift your spirits.
  12. People are stress baking. I definitely am!
  13. The quiet heartbreaks of the coronavirus- milestone moments cancelled 
  14. Food swaps if you run out of ingredients.
  15. Dita Von Teese’s home is wild.
  16. It’s OK if you suck at working at home.
  17. How to Spring Clean your online accounts now that you’re stuck at home.
  18. Got leftover bread? Make easy french toast or french toast muffins!
  19. A good read for right now: How to Be Alone and Quiet
  20. This makes me want to make a diorama.
  21. Currently grateful we have sidewalk chalk during times like this.



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  • Christina

    The dog getting the Cheetos totally made my day!!! And I’m totally stress baking over here too! Thanks for the great list 🙂

  • Katie

    Oh my god, the people having a worse quarantine… Nothing like a little schadenfreude to put a stop to your pity party. Thank you for that!

  • Andrea

    Wow, I’ll do all of them 😀 (now I have a lot of time, right? haha)
    x, Andrea

  • Joy

    Thank you, thank you for posting the People Having a Worse Quarantine Than You link…I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks.

  • Cassie Sue

    Quiet is a great book, I’m glad you are recommending it.

    Great list as always!!

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