June 19, 2020



  1. This smart house looks pretty cool.
  2. Where the artists live.
  3. Can art change the world?
  4. This sundress is adorable in the stripes.
  5. Ways the food world is changed for the pandemic world.
  6. How to protect your mental health while self-isolating.
  7. People’s stories for leaving California during the pandemic. 
  8. Band-Aid releases new skin tone bandages!
  9. These masks must be weird to see in real life.
  10. I like reading about other people’s beauty routines.
  11. A perfect lemony pasta!
  12. Chefs share their favorite instant ramen brands.
  13. This California Bungalow is beautiful.
  14. Animals stuck in bread. Lol. Yeah, that’s a thing!
  15. A trip down memory lane through art. 
  16. Dream outfit: this dress with these shoes and these sunglasses
  17. How to make it through Father’s Day if it’s a difficult time for you.
  18. Vintage photos of NY Gay Pride in the 70s.
  19. You can take free African-American History courses online from Stanford & Yale
  20. How to not kill your kid in the kitchen. Ooof. 

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  • Susan

    I don’t even have kids but that last link had me laughing so hard I cried. Really needed that this week with so much doom and gloom all around. Thank you so much.

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