August 21, 2020




  1. The girl scout’s new cookie of 2021 is…
  2. Funny animal moments.
  3. Advice on survival for the newly homeless.
  4. I’m going to have to try out this ramen hack.
  5. Who invented the smiley face?
  6. Essential reads on Feminism.
  7. Google is giving people more info on current fires.
  8. I spend time researching vintage cookbooks on Etsy for fun.
  9. The best road trips across America.
  10. The girl scout’s new cookie of 2021 is…
  11. These photos make me miss my grandparents.
  12. The Mythology of Karen
  13. Prepare now for a long winter.
  14. Let’s get lost in a corn maze.
  15. New public restrooms in Tokyo are interesting.
  16. Best grandparents ever!
  17. A good hack to prevent losing pen caps.
  18. I was just wondering what houses looked like inside the Presidio.
  19. Kindness towards people with disabilities is more complicated than you think.
  20. Researching: coronavirus restrictions in the western states.
  21. Added to the shutterbean kitchen: cloth napkins/ potato ricer / tablecloth

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  • Craig

    “9. The best road trips across America.” Took a trip along Highway 12 in Southern Utah — SPEC TAC U LAR! Highly recommended. I look forward to going back.

  • Sasha

    Japan’s public washrooms are the cleanest washrooms I’ve ever been in. Their cities are so clean and the citizens take great care of it. They have millions of people living in their cities too. Its disgusting how people in North America treat our planet.

  • karan puri

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