May 14, 2021


Doubt Kills // I love lists Tracy Benjamin


  1. Things that have poorly aged. 
  2. Yummy: maximalist potato salad / tahdig
  3. Inside David Hockney’s sketchbooks. 
  4. This painted marble countertop turned out great! 
  5. Actors who gave up acting.
  6. Today I learned…
  7. London, 1969.
  8. Look at this cat!
  9. Helpful life guides. 
  10. Did you see this spaghetti trick? What a mess!
  11. The great toilet paper debate Over vs. Under is settled. 
  12. Bennifer is back?
  13. Whoa. Check out this bookstore.
  14. Super cute cat stuff: cat ring / bumper sticker /mug /pen
  15. Mosaics in cracks in the streets. 
  16. Some facts about Salvador Dali.
  17. My cousin drinks coffee before naps.
  18. Teenager moves into senior living complex. 
  19. This hotel in Mexico looks beautiful.
  20. Restaurants opening up in SF.
  21. Weekend reading: How to Do the Work 


My Everyday Life Week 15 of 2021- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

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  • Marla

    Love the sketchbooks, so inspiring! Also, the life guides are great too! 🙂

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