June 4, 2021


What You Think About .. I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin


  1. Once- a beautiful photography project by my friend Andrea
  2. What juggling looks like from above.
  3. This guy is full of facts. 
  4. Real-life cheat codes.
  5. Have you seen the trailer for the Anthony Bourdain documentary?
  6. Vintage recipes are somewhat questionable. 
  7. Who designed the 80s aesthetic? 
  8. What is the Great Sphinx? 
  9. Patterns in architecture. 
  10. This old newspaper article predicted the future.
  11. Google exec advocates for low tech for his kids.
  12. Slow-motion of a lighter being lit. 
  13. Looks yum: air fryer mushrooms   coconut rum cake
  14. New Trader Joe’s snack items for the Summer.
  15. There’s a Banksy show coming to SF.
  16. Look at this new park island in NYC!
  17. Hello, dream house! This one too!
  18. Pet your pet! It will make you feel better. 
  19. The healthiest menu options at Taco Bell. 
  20. I am officially old. 

  • Susan

    Something you might enjoy and get a kick out of. WGN Morning News in Chicago has had a segment where anchor Robin Baumgarten cooks some weird retro recipes for the weatherman Paul Konrad. They’ve been a fun diversion the past month. Robin is not exactly known a a cook, she complains about having to come up with dinner ideas every night.
    The different recipes she cooks (with the video) are listed on her bio page.

  • Kristin

    I think the Google exec is a her not a him! 🙂

  • Peggy

    I knew 37 out of the 50 items that make you old. LOL

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