October 8, 2007

Early Riser

so where’s my vacation photos? well… I went through all 700 and narrowed down 370 that i love. I spent all Friday night doing so. I know i should edit them even more….How could anyone sit through looking at 370 pictures??? But how could I not include photos i find so dear? I’m the worst at editing!

the weekend was spent catching up on sleep (at least TRYING to). I keep waking up when it’s dark outside. THANKS JET-LAG! Saturday I woke up at 7AM. Sunday I woke up at 6am. Today I woke up at 5:38AM. What’s with that?? Although… it’s actually nice to watch the sun come up. I never get the chance to do that. I don’t know my house well at that time of day. It’s fun to experience. My sleep usually comes before watching the trees light up with the sun.

glimpse of my weekend:

ash tree changing color brandt new bundt choc with cream cheese frosting let me fuel you for the red sox game mantle decoration cindy made me this cat

-we watched Knocked Up on dvd

-short trip to Ikea for planters

-grocery shopping for Red Sox game on Sunday

-bought a bundt cake mold & made my first bundt cake.

-caught up on all the mail from being away

-made grilled cheese & tomato soup

-helped Casey to get better (he’s sick)

-made part of my halloween costume

-straightened up the house for company

-decorated the mantle in the living room for Halloween (pictures above)

-relaxed & enjoyed being home

After spending 10 days away, I hope to take things easier and enjoy all the things I have.

  • Melisser

    Aww, made your halloween costume?! How exciting!

  • Su-Lin

    Love the way you frosted your cupcakes – so cute!

  • Lizzy

    WHat are you being for Halloween? Can you mail me a cupcake? Miss you!

  • maomau

    welcome back! the best part of traveling is coming back to home sweet home. i love what you’ve done w/ your mantle.

  • Tracy

    oh lizzy! i miss you too. i wonder if i could fedex you some treats?

    thank you su-lin! using my star tip really made it easy!

    melisser & lizzy: hint: black & white animal

    thanks maomau! it’s a work in progress. It’s soooo good to be back home. It’s amazing how much I take my routine for granted.

  • Valliegrl75

    Tracy, I have been on many blogs, Only come back to your’s. It’s truly inspiring!!! Makes

  • Valliegrl75

    …where i left off, lol .Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!!

  • kimberly

    Hey, we watched Knocked Up this weekend..but I had not a cupcake in the house. Very unfair of you not to bring me one of your yummy ones…..:)

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