October 15, 2021


Excitement turns into fear quickly if you hold your breath.- I love lists art by Tracy Benjamin



  1. People share adult problems they weren’t prepared for.
  2. What we actually know about social media & teens.
  3. What are the best substitutes for brown sugar? 
  4. Let’s time travel to Chicago restaurants in the 1960s.
  5. The best Halloween candies of all time? 
  6. Cute cozy coats: one / two / three / four / five 
  7. One day I will refinish my garage floors! 
  8. Listening to Molly’s Halloween Playlist
  9. Halloween centerpiece inspiration.
  10. I’ve never been to Vermont. I’d like to go.
  11. Butternut squash ravioli made with wonton wrappers! 
  12. People share privileges Americans don’t realize they have. 
  13. Things we need to denormalize in healthcare (AMEN).
  14. Whoaaa. He looks & sounds just like Robin Williams. 
  15. All the Trader Joe’s Halloween items.
  16. Art gets washed away.
  17. Anthony Bourdain loved hard.
  18. These staircases are trippy.
  19. The restaurant staffing shortage is about to get worse. 
  20. Seafood buying tips from a fishmonger. 
  21. Halloween fun stuff: a brain mold/ edible eyeballs /skull baking pan
  22. Let’s add turmeric lattes to our weekend plans. 

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  • Alicia A

    You have to go to Vermont and western Ma.
    My aunt and Uncle live in VT so we’ve always been.

  • Mand

    Seconding western MA- the highest density of surprisingly amazing coffee shops of anywhere we’ve lived (including CA, NY, etc). Look up the montague book mill, bread euphoria, and tandem bagels. <3 maybe you could justify the trip with a kripalu workshop and then have an indulgent road trip!

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