December 10, 2021


Real Generosity- I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin


  1. Winners of the pet comedy photo contest. 
  2. What the most googled questions of 2021 say about us. 
  3. Check for pea crabs in your oysters.  Whoa weird!
  4. I could see Casey and Cooper doing this. 
  5. Most popular cookies- Then & Now 
  6. This mirror wall in Nepal must be cool at the right time of day. 
  7. Top 10 Buildings/Structures that were opened this year. 
  8. This giant phantom jellyfish sure is creepy. 
  9. Being poor is expensive. 
  10. These digital portraits are so colorful and expressive. 
  11. Omg these chewy sprinkle cookies look amazing. 
  12. The most breathtaking small towns to visit. 
  13. A light therapy lamp is supposed to help seasonal blues. 
  14. Time travel and look at 1970s fashion. 
  15. DNA tests bring up a whole bunch of family secrets. 
  16. This glass armonica is the most fragile musical instrument. 
  17. 10 filmmaking tips from Wes Anderson. 
  18. Cool puzzles:  rainbow/ vintage candy/ the 80s
  19. Oooh I wanna make this succulent Christmas tree. 
  20. I am blown away by this paper art. 
  21. Weekend reading: Radical Acceptance 

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