May 28, 2021


When Words are True and Kind // I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com



  1.  Can you imagine living in 60 square feet of space?
  2. The Netherlands in springtime. Wow.
  3. Overworking can kill you.
  4. This camper is beautiful inside and out.
  5. All of these bags have the best fabric!
  6. I keep my mother alive through my garden too.
  7. An anthem for the times!
  8. This would be good for meal prep.
  9. Cross a bridge with a typewriter.
  10. Life in France in the 1900s.
  11. A good way to make your own otter pops.
  12. I’d love to stay in a home like this  and this one too!
  13. These photos of the Milky Way are incredible.
  14. The best gas station snacks across America.
  15. Trader Joe’s snack reviews!
  16. How sounds in movies are made. 
  17. I’d like to make some tempeh bacon soon.
  18. Black & White kitchens are my favorite.
  19. My friend Rama created Art School of the Future! 
  20. A whole bunch of useful food hacks.

  • Amanda

    I learn so much (and get such a kick) from the links in these posts. Love them!!

  • Alene

    I love these! Some are so fascinating that I pass them around to various people. Last week’s (I’m a little slow) was great. Thank you so much!

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