My Everyday Life Week 15

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 15

Flowers in bloom in our yard.

View looking up while hanging in my hammock.

The celery I planted only lasted a day in my bed. Rabbits!!

I am our gardener.

My lettuce is growing!

Yarrow is sprouting in my seedling starting trays.

Calendula is growing!

I collected a whole back of poison oak… Gotta get rid of it befor Cooper starts playing out in the yard again.

My sourdough starter is named Jerome.

I was listening to Lizzo while I made him.

He has helped me make really good crumpets.

Sorting through things in my office. I totally forgot about my Blythe doll collection.

I was obsessed with them in my early 20s.

There’s still a little purple left in his hair.

We ordered pizza this week. It felt like a luxury!


Crazy cat lady.

Watching Cooper do math.

I practiced my cursive in one of his old books.

Reheating leftover pizza in the oven.

When it wasn’t raining, I spent a lot of time here.

Brussels Sprouts with honey sriracha sauce over rice.

Pretending he’s a baby.

Slowly filling this area in.

Cooper’s classmate is kinda distracting.

I’m glad I made tuna salad in my meal prep this week.

Clematis update!

Succulents amaze me with their blooms.

I put some polenta to good use.

Comfort food for breakfast.

He wanted to know if gardening could be included in his curriculum.


Practice pages.

Cooper’s self- portrait assignment.

I decided to do it too.

We had the best time. I wish he would do more art with me!



We run the dishwasher so much since we’ve been sheltering in place.

Going through old yearbooks.

The afternoon light inspires me.

Golden hour is also happy hour on weekends.


Fried rice is my favorite way to use leftovers.

Golden Grahams & oat milk.

Cooper planted this flower he found in the garden. He was really proud.

That made me happy.

My dining room table is a dumping zone.

Happy place.

Testing recipes.

Toe beans.

Found this picture of my grandparents.

Casey’s Mai Tai.

A reminder for your mornings.

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  • Andrea C Jenkins

    that photo of your grandparents!

  • T

    Looks like your family has been in the Bay Area for a long time. So cool!

  • Emma

    Do you have her face shape/cheek bones?
    So sweet.

    As always, thank you for sharing the light you find.

  • Priya

    Mmmm crumpets…. I have been saying for so long that I should make them but they are in every shop in England i never get round to it. Which recipe do you use? I was going to go Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry or Nigel Slater but wondered what you used?

  • Ginger Wroot

    You are an amazing, inspiring photographer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Vicki

    Every week I look forward to seeing your week in photos – so beautiful. And we need the mai tai recipe please! And thank you!

  • Jean

    You’re doing a great job with your word of the year! Cooper, your garden, Huggy…you nurture everything around you and it all grows.

  • Alicia A

    Blythe, I remember those from the ’70s
    I bought a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe a few years ago. She has a pet spider and sits in my sewing area.

  • Kerri

    I love the collages that you and Cooper created – so cool! And that photo of your grandparents is amazing and such a treasure. As always, Huggy steals my heart and all of your photos bring light to my day.

  • Holly

    Cooper planted a scarlet pimpernel.

    • Sina

      Yes! It’s also called anagallis arvensis, and you might wanna look into wikipedia to know a little more, because it’s toxic.
      Quite some plants and flowers in our gardens are remotely toxic, actually. It’s not a problem at all, as long as you know.

  • Sina

    Also, the self-portrait collages are beautiful!

    And I’m curious about the cookie or cracker recipe you’re testing 🙂 it looks really good!

  • Jessica

    Tracy, I have always loved these Week in the Life posts, but am loving them more each week lately. I am so inspired by what you see and how you’re making the most of every day in these crazy times. And I just adore your and Cooper’s self portraits!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy Week 16 xo

  • San

    I love looking at your week(s)…. you always capture your life so beautifully. I keep thinking that I just don’t have enough things to photograph during an ordinary week, but you’re proving me wrong … maybe there are 🙂

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