January 28, 2022


Art is Magic + Magic is Art - handlettering by Tracy Benjamin - I LOVE LISTS- shutterbean.com


  1. I really wish the Nut Tree was still around. 
  2. Bee bricks look super cool. 
  3. Apparently, it’s a good idea to teach your child how to be lazy. 
  4. Bringing plants to life through timelapse video. 
  5. How did the Shirley Temple become the ultimate mocktail recipe? 
  6. A look at what ancient Rome would have looked like. 
  7. Let’s look at some historical photos and time travel. 
  8. When times were simpler... sigh. 
  9. Scammers stole at least $770 million from social media in 2021 
  10. How to take care of air plants. 
  11. What is sea glass? 
  12. Dating advice from the 1950s is so outdated. 
  13. There’s another world inside musical instruments. 
  14. I really wish I knew these Nesquik hacks when I was a kid.
  15. Writing and screenwriting tips from Stephen King. 
  16. Stop motivating yourself with guilt. 
  17. I’m a manifesting generator,  how about you?
  18. The incredible story of the Hoover Dam.
  19. This timer cube keeps me on track. 
  20. Here’s a list of all of my favorite productivity tools. 
  21. Weekend Reading: On Earth, We are Briefly Gorgeous

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  • Francesca Russell

    We always used to stop at the Nut Tree on the way to Tahoe!

  • Angela

    I’m trying to download your “Intentions for the Week” printable and the link isn’t working. Is there another way to get it? Thanks!

    Also, I’m another fan of the Nut Tree.

    • Tracy

      Hi! Did you purchase it through Etsy? Shoot me a message over there and I’ll be able to help you with a download.

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