February 25, 2022


What will get done today? // I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. So many one-liner jokes here.
  2. Some ways to keep avocados fresh.
  3. I quite enjoy eating things out of a bowl. 
  4. My mom liked gaucho pants. I did/do not. 
  5. A messy desk and creativity go hand in hand. 
  6. This book looks like an amazing gift. 
  7. Check out this rainbow on a sailboat. 
  8. Pink lagoon, Australia. 
  9. Dresses that could be PJs: one/two/three/four
  10. Time to put some mushrooms in the air fryer. 
  11. People share the most infuriating thing about their homes. 
  12. The Doomsday Vault is opening up to add more seeds. 
  13. There will be more 3D holograms in our future. 
  14. So many little worlds made with paper. 
  15. This light-painted stop motion short is amazing. 
  16. Where to see wildflowers bloom in the US. 
  17. Foggy SF photos are a mood. 
  18. The psychic capital of the world is in Florida. 
  19. The unexpected gifts of writing about grief. 
  20. Drawing on my door was a childhood dream. 
  21. Your breath is your brain’s remote control.


Want to do some Sunday meal planning? My printable will help!


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