February 1, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. This would be the best pasta to make when working from home
  2. Things I am not interested in
  3. Super cute cat sponge and holder
  4. What are frost quakes?
  5. A few great ways to use an Altoids tin.
  6. This is how cold it is across the country!
  7. I’ll have to try #4 next time I’m in the kitchen.
  8. This is truly mind-blowing.
  9. I currently have my eye on this camera strap.
  10. Here’s another round of epic design fails.
  11. I would definitely eat these eggs for dinner. 
  12. The women who mother life-like baby dolls.
  13. The death of a father can ruin a man’s mental health.
  14. The evolution of the alphabet.
  15. I’d like to add this paleo meatloaf into my #shutterbeanmealprep
  16. Park me in front of this dip this weekend. K, thanks. BYE.
  17. I could totally imagine my husband doing this.
  18. Photos of an ice storm.
  19. I’m always looking for ways to upgrade my ramen game.
  20. Speaking of ramen… I want to make this red curry ramen ASAP.
  21. Cold sesame noodles with broiled salmon for simple weekend lunch.
  22. We’ve stayed up late watching abandoned mansion videos. They’re so fascinating.
  23. Why is the label on the Angostura bitters like that? 
  24. Join The Handwriting Club! Get a Currently Workbook and a Food Journal for 2019.


  • Christie

    LOVE your blog!!! So thoughtful and sincere. Check out remingtonrobinson on Instagram for a great way to use an Altoid box.

  • alicia a

    I’m an antique dealer and I can see myself exploring the abandoned mansions!
    All that vintage shtuff……. cool!

  • jen

    we always have angostroga bitters on hand. as someone with anxiety and a nervous stomach i mix q ginger brew and bitters at least once a week. it really does help! (a trick taught to me by a bartender i dated many moons ago )

  • Amber | Loves Food, Loves to Eat

    I looooove exploring abandoned places (via the internet, I’ve never done it IRL)! Look up the abandoned borscht belt resorts in the catskills, they’re my fave!

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