May 13, 2022


Don't forget to take time to check in with yourself- Tracy Benjamin


  1. Heidi shared some inspiring camping recipes. 
  2. The most scenic drives in every state. 
  3. How long does alcohol last once it’s been opened?
  4. Photographing moonbows at Yosemite at night.
  5. Kitchen hack- fixing lumpy buttercream frosting.
  6. Kids can be so funny sometimes.
  7. This has to be so incredible in person.
  8. Hotels being creative.
  9. I am a maximalist for sure. 
  10. Cute summery dresses: one / two / three / four 
  11. What bridesmaids looked like in the 1920s. 
  12. A good use for those 2 hot dog buns you have left.
  13. Best friend date ideas that don’t include getting drinks.
  14. I love shopping at our local Asian market. 
  15. These paintings are mesmerizing. 
  16. Digital legacies are something to think about. 
  17. Can you imagine sleeping in one of these? 
  18. This looks like a fun space to play in. 
  19. I wish I had a tattoo pen when I was a kid. 
  20. The ultimate Goodwill score! 

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  • lisa

    I used to be able to get on 17 Mile Drive for free, my mom grew up in Carmel and knew people who lived there. She’d give me a name and I’d cross my fingers that they still lived there. LOL That was 20 years ago, though! Now I live right under Colorado’s scenic drive and it’s a good one. The view from the top is amazing.

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