August 17, 2018


Artwork for I LOVE LISTS // shutterbean.com


  1. Nurturing adult friendships
  2. This is weird.
  3. The Food Hall is the New Food Truck
  4. Old photos from Coney Island for your daydreaming imagery.
  5. Another level of technology has been unlocked.
  6. Products with hidden messages
  7. I’d like to work my way through all of these books.
  8. This whole outfit organization excites me.
  9. Didn’t realize some of these things were that big.
  10. Have you heard about the Tip the Bill challenge?
  11. The most beautiful libraries I would love to get lost in.
  12. A diorama life for snails.
  13. The correct way to open a can with a can opener. Umm. Whoa.
  14. Some nail art to inspire.
  15. Girls have always done more chores.
  16. Facebook birthday fundraisers are making a lot of money
  17. Dealing with creative failure?
  18. For the David Lynch fans
  19. Remembering Aretha
  20. You should totally make this tomato & watermelon salad this weekend.
  21. Food museums are the new way to make a ton of money. 
  22. Birthday wishlist: a banner / this magical cardigan / anything for a leo
  23. Vacation reading: How to Break Up with Your Phone / You’re on an Airplane

  • mary from chicago

    awesome list this week, tracy!

    i read and followed the ‘how to break up with your phone’. it was excellent and super helpful!

    have a great weekend.

  • ashley

    Dear Tracy,

    I read every post of yours, but rarely comment. Thought I’d pop in and let you know how much I appreciate you & your blog…I especially love your Friday posts, since they usually incorporate (1) funny animal pictures, (2) interesting social commentary, and if we’re really lucky, (3) throwbacks to the 80’s/90’s. Have an awesome weekend!


    P.S. Your breakfast nachos are my husband’s spirit animal.

    • chris

      Just wanted to ditto this comment – I’ve read your blog daily for years and Fridays have always been my favorite. I’ve never commented, either, but why not start now?!

      Happy weekend!

    • Tracy

      Yayyy!!! Thanks for commenting! So nice to hear from you xo

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