May 23, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Famous photos….from a different angle! I love seeing a different perspective.
  2. Photos of waste. Sad/pretty.
  3. This is my kind of pizza.
  4. Oh cool. I’m caftan ready!!
  5. Another round of Celebrities read mean tweets. 
  6. I thought this little boy’s reaction was just perfect.
  7. 27 Things You Will Never Look at the Same Way Again.
  8. I really want to make cauliflower bread sticks. Don’t they look good??
  9. Why Airplane Food is No Good.
  10. What it’s like to stop drinking alcohol for a year.
  11. I had lunch at Google once. It blew my mind.
  12. Whoa! Jude Law…that’s really a DEEP V.
  13. I’m super excited about this photo series!
  14. Jell-o shots for everyone!!!!
  15. So proud of my maj for launching this baking challenge!
  16. Whoorlita is my style muse.
  17. So….McDonald’s has a secret menu…

but wait theres more

There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast! Check out Episode # 120 BLASTING MY ABS. We talk about our unhealthy obsession…with Instagram fitness accounts.


Hippocratic Cupcake made my Crispy Smashed Potatoes.

Forbidden Rice Blog adapted my Corn Zucchini Pizza

Parsley Sage Sweet added my Whipped Coconut Cream to her Raspberry Egg Cream

  • Jessica Rose

    The photo’s of waste is quite scary….;(( On a positive note…have a lovely weekend. 😉

  • Kati

    I love the picture of the vineyard and the pizza recipe from No. 3!


    • Mindy

      My dad works for Google and the only thing he ever/can talk about is the food. I’m so very jealous, although I’m not sure how much willpower I would have if that kind of food was provided to me everyday!

    • Mindy

      Oops sorry Kati, didn’t mean to reply to your post

  • Desirea

    Howdy Tracy!
    Wow on the photos from a different angle. Oh how the context totally changes. I like the Pyramids of Giza and Sagrada Familia. Both seem so out of place.

  • Jeannette

    Great list, as always! Your I love lists, Friday! posts make the start to the weekend perfect.
    Through the caftan link I discovered this and thought you might like it: http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/05/seriously-stop-pretending-you-ate-that.html

  • Sophie Harriet

    That’s hilarious – 27 things you will never look at the same way again! It’s always very insightful to gain further perspective – and it doesn’t hurt to have a laugh in the process!

  • Taylor

    Awed at the famous photos from different angles and also really, really enjoyed that awesome article about the airplane food! Oh, and can I please have that little girls wardrobe in big girl sizes? haha!


  • Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

    The caftan-ready article was awesome! Amen to jiggly bits 🙂 x

  • Kate

    I loved the different angle photos! Had no idea Barcelona city blocks were shaped like that. The cauliflower breadsticks look amazing. I’ve been meaning to make cauliflower pizza crust for a while now.

    The Deep V made me laugh because we have a British client who wears those kind of shirts but isn’t nearly as attractive as Jude Law. Makes me soooo uncomfortable sometimes, especially when he gives me a hug and the Brit peck on the cheek!

  • Jamie

    Now I want to have lunch at Google for a week so I can try everything. P.S. made you’re pizza waffles with the addition of diced mushrooms and they’re DA BOMB. = )

  • tara

    Holy cow, those photos of waste are so depressing!

    Thank you for making me want to buy a pair of baby moccasins from the Whoorl post — and I don’t have kids! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Thanks so much for the link. I made the egg creams again last week and wanted to try topping them with this ‘whipped coconut cream’ everyone is raving about. Your tutorial with photos was the best on the web, and the pairing was amazing, so thank you! (again).

  • stephanie @ iamafoodblog

    You had lunch at Google!??! SO jealous!!

    and I literally LOL’d at Jude Law’s deep V. (Hmm..that sounds wrong somehow..)

    • Tracy

      DEEP V!!!! I did! My friend used to work there and she had me over for lunch. It seriously BLEW.MY.MIND. I would weigh a million pounds if I worked there!

  • Shikha @ Shikha la mode

    I still need to make that coconut whipped cream!

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