December 13, 2012

Unique Gifts for your Unique Friend

I’m a hard person to shop for. That’s a fact. If you get me something that’s black & white, striped, bold & graphic, I will almost always love it. Unless it’s a stuffed panda holding a heart that has lace trim.  I won’t be into that. That’s also a fact. You may have someone in your life that’s super particular like me. Someone who has unique taste.  Someone who knows what they want and usually just gets themselves a treat instead of asking for it. Here’s a list of gift ideas that I (one of the most particular people in the world) approve of!


JOY THE BAKER & EAT BOUTIQUE// Maple syrup, granola, sweets & a great cookbook. All of my favorite things in ONE!

QUITOKEETO // Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks has such a knack for curating beautiful items.  Everything is just so dang special.

HERRIOTT GRACE//  I would like a cutting board from here. And pretty much everything else.

WHIMSY & SPICE// Not only do they have wonderful treats, I’m in love with their kitchen conversion print & tea towels.

WEST ELM GENERAL STORE// West Elm has a new General Store that’s filled with some fabulous goodies. I want it all. Especially this clock.

OH DIER LIVING//   Because I love fonts and I want them all over my house.


LISA CONGDON//  Lisa is such a talented illustrator! I love her sense of color and ADORE her illustrated quotes. This will be going in my house. I just know it.

MINTED// I am SO into their art prints. They would make fabulous gifts. Once I finalize how we’re gonna decorate our house, I’m totally going to order my heart out.

FAB//  I always find the best gifts (for myself!) on this website. I get really excited when some of my favorite shops have offers on FAB. It always makes me feel like I won the lottery when things I covet are even cheaper on this website.


3191 MILES APART// I adore seeing the world through MAV & Stephanie’s eyes.  They remind me that simple things should be cherished & appreciated.

RIFLE PAPER // You seriously can’t go wrong with this company. I wouldn’t mind if you got me a new calendar. Just sayin…

UPPERCASE Magazine // I have loved every issue that has come to my door! Gift a subscription!


CISTHENE// There isn’t a thing I DON’T want from this shop. Jen has impeccable taste and she makes me want to deck out my whole body with jewels & crystals.

PAPER WINGS JEWELRY// My other friend Jen makes the most amazing jewelry. All of her items are a delicate balance of femininity & elegance. I get so many compliments on my earrings from her. They’re beautiful!

CATBIRD// Full of awesome stuff. Get at it. Get me something while you’re there. K, thanks.


You could always go the gift card route. I LOVE gift cards. If you feel like gift cards are a cop out then you don’t get it. If you feel like a gift card is not enough, pair one with an edible gift or write a really nice note about the person your gift-carding. Fance it up!



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