March 17, 2023


I am commited // I LOVE LISTS Tracy Benjamin Shutterbean.com


  1. Inspiring: Feel Good Lunch Ideas 
  2. Real-life photos that look like video games.
  3. What people wore to weddings in the 80s.
  4. UFO shaped clouds.
  5. Fajita sizzles demystifed! 
  6. Stickers: discoball, overthinker, make magic! 
  7. How writers are featured in Wes Anderson movies. 
  8. 30 movies that are turning 30 this year. YIKES! 
  9. Flower pressed art gorgeousness! 
  10. The origins of American breakfast.
  11. How to practice mindful listening.
  12. Ikea + Marimekko! Must go.
  13. What’s the best day to shop for groceries?
  14. Some new food products that are coming to market.
  15. If I could sew, I would make this bag! 
  16. This guy is living the Truman Show irl.
  17. It’s amazing how good camera phones are now.
  18. What’s the most popular dog breed right now?
  19. These little dolls are so cute! 
  20. Weekend reading: Unbroken: The Trauma Response is Never Wrong

Are you free April 21-23?

I am attending the Forage Retreat in Sonoma to rekindle my creative spirit. There will be painting, foraging & writing. 

If you want to join use code SHUTTERBEAN for $200/off 


I have a substack- The Handwriting Club – right now I’m sharing magic mail but will start to share more of my grief journey through paid subscriptions. 

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