December 15, 2017


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Hello friends! If you need some homemade HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS check out this post!  Now here’s a list because I LOVE LISTS:

  1. National Geographic’s 2017 Photography Winners
  2. Outdoor signs that stopped people in their tracks.
  3. My grandma always had these cookies. I LOVED THEM.
  4. A photographer who makes puns come to life.
  5. Frost flowers are gorgeous.
  6. Guerilla flower art! I would love to stumble across one of these.
  7. Living cliffside. 
  8. What the end of net neutrality means for you.
  9. If you want to make a pie crust by hand.
  10. Overheard conversations….illustrated!
  11. Productivity is really about what you DON’T do.
  12. Family Favorite recipes! Thanks for the love, Mother Mag!
  13. This pleases me greatly.
  14. Tech Tips from Entrepreneurs! 
  15. How to host a sleepover
  16. Time management for creatives.
  17. How Instagram has changed the way we experience ART.
  18. Some signs that your third eye is open.
  19. My friend Helen Jane wrote this 5 years ago. Things have only gotten worse.
  20. I broke my arm twice between first and second grade.



Last Minute Holiday Gifts:

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have a great weekend!

  • Brianne Tomlin

    I got an echo for my birthday this summer and am still looking for new ways to use it! A post on how you guys incorporate into your day would be awesome!

  • Nicole G

    Thank you for another great I Love Lists!

  • Liz

    This might be the silliest question, but how do you make toast with the cuisinart grill? I have one and am very intrigued!
    Also look forward to your lists ❤

    • Tracy

      I just use the grill part and put it on the sear setting. HIGH! Then I toast it. 🙂

  • Kate

    I am so very grateful that you are sharing your grieving and healing process with us. And a side note: would love to hear how you grocery shop! What did your mom teach you?

  • D'Sapone - Hawaii

    nice to share with best place for covering greatfull moment

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