September 29, 2023


I am doing the dang thing! -- i love lists // shutterbean



  1. A really famous tree got cut down 🙁
  2. I love reading through people’s secret ingredient hacks.
  3. Ways to reuse stuff around the house.
  4. Oh great, another way to lose my attention span on Instagram.
  5. It never occurs to me to use an air fryer to bake things.
  6. Someone made a Shrek’s Swamp Airbnb. Wow
  7. I want to see the Northern Lights!  
  8. How to cut your pizza into 5 slices.
  9. These paper collages are incredible.
  10. Tips for saving money on food.
  11. Taco Bell now has vegan nacho cheese?
  12. Amazing concert posters from the 1960s.
  13. I bet these cookies are good with coffee.
  14. A look inside Big Ben.
  15. Look at this “reading machine” from the 1920s.
  16. How generosity changes your brain. 
  17. How to manage your catastrophic thinking.
  18. Reasons to buy a small house. 
  19. A river of wine. Whoaaaa.
  20. Words added to the Merriam-Webstier dictionary.
currently enjoying

My coveralls being on sale. 

I brought this pen back into the rotation. I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. 

Getting things cheaper on Thrive Market. I’m a price shopper, so it’s nice to be able to save and shop late at night. If you’re interested in Thrive Market, here’s 40% off your first order. 

Thanksgiving Prep/Planning Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com/The Handwriting Club


November 5th from 9:30AM-12:00PM PST ZOOM CALL

I will be doing a Thanksgiving Clinic with my friend Helen Jane. We are going to show you how we plan and map out the event!

If you are a newsletter subscriber, I’ll be sending out information very soon! 

  • Sina

    Tracy, your Thanksgiving planning spread looks so great! It makes me want to start planning a feast, writing lists and drawing things – it’s so unfortunate that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here 😀

    And today, I was “doing the dang thing” I had been putting off for far to long – and it felt so good beeing finally able to cross that off my list. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

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