November 17, 2023


One Day All This Hard Work Will Pay Off  - I LOVE LISTS // Shutterbean


  1. Places to hide Christmas presents.
  2. How to wake your body up for morning meditation.
  3. A very impressive kitchen transformation!
  4. Animals that splooted.
  5. Pictures of unusual homes.
  6. Why are cans of cranberry sauce upside down? 
  7. These sweaters are a work of art!
  8. Embroidery artist makes beautiful hair.
  9. Quirky modern purses hold specific food.
  10. Here’s why you shouldn’t fry a turkey.
  11. I’m trying out a Hobonichi Cousin for 2024
  12. This is the cover I picked out for the planner!
  13. What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.
  14. Pink wig research : one / two / three / four
  15. Bathtub loving beaver gets its own pond. Lol
  16. Simlarities between big cats and domestic cats.
  17. Let’s look at women’s fashion in the 1920s.
  18. Oooh. Pecan pie DIP
  19. You can’t fly with gravy but you can fly with…
  20. How to use the fallen leaves from your yard.
  21. Listening to: Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing

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  • Jamie

    We’re up to 3 types of cranberry this year – my mom makes a fresh relish, I make a cooked version, and I’m bringing back the beloved jiggly loaf because it really is so good. = )

  • Susan C

    Oooh, that pecan pie dip is calling my name!!

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