July 12, 2013

I love lists, Friday!


  1. The internet can bring out ugliness in humanity. I appreciated this article.
  2. The price of invulnerability. Somewhat related to the link above.
  3. Success after 30. This gives me great hope.
  4. 32 Things Learned in 22 years. #32 made me laugh.
  5. Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwiches. My brain exploded. UM!  Lasagna Grilled Cheese. 
  6. I want these for dinner and to have this for dessert. Please/thank you.
  7. Coffee! Saucers! Whoa. Also- What your coffee says about you. (I’m Americano)
  8. Do you listen to This American Life? You should watch this.
  9. The Pros & Cons of Culinary School.  I’ve often wondered about this.
  10. Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Ice Cream Bowls.  Cooper is gonna freak when we make these.
  11. I LOOOOOVE reading people’s travel essentials. Don’t you?
  12. If you’re in the mood to make some necklaces, look at this!
  13. You may have already seen this, but how awesome is Dustin Hoffman??
  14. I love EVERYTHING about camp. Max has my dream birthday party. 
  15. Ryan Gosling Gets Embarrassed Over a Dish Towel. (So much YES)
  16. 27 Signs You’re an Obsessive List Maker  (HAHAHAHA. ME)


On the latest Joy the Baker Podcast, we celebrate our 100th episode by talking about compliments! It’s FUN-HUNDRED.

And for all of you that asked on Facebook & Instagram what brand my shoes are & my nail polish in this photo here you go!

Sanita Sandals I got from Amazon  They are SUPER comfy.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Slick Slate    I’m a huge fan of this line because I am super impatient when it comes to drying my nails-plus I love the extra wide brush.


Forbidden Rice Blog adapted my Malted Waffles

Wit & Vinegar  adapted my Greek French Bread Pizza

Hall Nesting adapted my Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Pizza

Elephant Eats made my Farro Salad

This Abundant Life made my Mom’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake & Breakfast Pizza

Katie Lou Who made my Tuscan Kale Salad with Pecorino

Miss Vinagre adapted my Banh-Mi Sandwich

Flannel & Lace made my Artichoke & Tomato Penne Pasta

Martine Holston made my Kale Slaw with Cabbage & Carrots

I’ll Have Seconds! made my Chicken Tostada Salad

The Night Baker was inspired by my Pimm’s Cup Popsicles 


  • Mareen [eeny]

    i love your lists on friday.
    [i’m an iced coffee anytime – love my straws]

  • Lily O'Dare

    Thank you SO much for featuring my list! Love your site!

  • Robyn

    how do you gather your bites around the net? is it through instagram?

    • Tracy

      Hi! I get a “ping” on WordPress whenever someone links back to the original recipe in their blog post. It’s super hard for me to track Instagram stuff because instagram only shows me a certain amount of likes in my feed and they get lost in space!

      • Robyn

        ah i see! i tweeted you and megabite to let you guys know i blogged about your strawberry infused vodka this week, so i was just curious to see how you gathered the bites 🙂

  • Michelle @ FullyBellyWornSoles

    Great links, as always. The “I Will Unfollow” post is a good reminder on how to appreciate the success of others rather than see it as preventing your own.


  • cindy

    I definitely have written on a list to check other lists. I also love to organize my grocery list into departments–I start with the very back of the store and work my way to the front. It makes me crazy to criss-cross back and forth, all over a store. LISTS FOREVER!

  • Tieghan

    I need those cinnamon sugar ice cream bowls!!

  • Shauna

    I feel like Dustin Hoffman became the new Ryan Gosling with that one. Love that man.

  • Martine

    Your kale slaw was a big hit at my 4th of July BBQ!

  • Madeline

    #4 is quite beautiful…thank you for sharing.

  • Lindsey

    I can’t with that Ryan Gosling video. Not a massive Ryan Gosling fan, but his reaction to that dish towel is priceless.

    It’s like the sun.
    I can’t look directly at it.

  • Amy /// The Anxious Hippie

    I’m a latte. Soooo boring. Also, is that list about list makers STOLEN FROM MY BRAIN? That’s me, to a tee. But you know that. xoxo

  • Debilee

    Love your lists!

  • Dave

    Thank you for the article on culinary schools. I am ending my career and have been working in kitchens to explore the career. Since I already have both an undergraduate and graduate degree, the possibility of having to return to school to prove myself was not favorable. Unfortunately I have found that even though I have 30 years, off and on in commercial kitchens, I have had noses turned up by culinary educated chefs.

    Thank you also for your podcast, as a dude, I find both you and Joy not only entertaining but also inspirational.

    Keep up the outstanding job !!

  • Leah

    I had a really good laugh at the Ryan Gosling dish towel!

    Also, you have lovely feet! I hope that’s not creepy…. hahah

  • Hannah

    I about died over Dustin Hoffman when I saw that video. I loved him before but he is totally my hero now. It was a beautiful yet sad thing to watch. I showed my husband but I don’t think he quite ‘got’ it to be honest.

    I love a good list. I am always making them….the problem is that I ended up with too many of them. There was even a book I read as a kid called ‘The Listmaker’ which was so good I would probably enjoy it just as much now but I always think of it as I write my many lists.

  • Billy

    Thanks for the link love! I’m an iced coffee, just in case you had to know that.

  • Stephanie C.

    I’d just like to put out there a big like for the “My bites around the net”. Love looking through them every Friday to see all the adaptations.

  • Kim

    Sanitas are the BEST!!

  • Stephanie @ henry happened

    Ok, first, I love your sandals – chic AND comfy?! I have to get a pair! And second, thank you so much for including a link to my necklace roundup – so excited to discover your blog! 🙂

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Ace list here. I really loved reading 32 things learned in 22 years. & also success after 30 – it gives me hope too! & I mean I’m not even 30 yet but sometimes I feel such (I guess internal) pressure to be successful soon. But really, you gotta live to know things…and then you can grow and give. Anyway…
    Heidi xo

  • Kayli Schattner

    Wow! Loved this list- the way you word your content is so awesome, I love it!

  • Katy @ Katy's Kitchen

    I’ve become quite accustomed to scrolling through your Friday lists. I don’t always comment, but I do always read. It’s such a nice assortment of yummy recipes, thought provoking articles, and articles to make you smile and laugh. Love it Tracy, keep up the good work!

  • Lucia

    I’m definitely an obsessive list maker. And, now that I think about it, I’ll make one right now.

  • Maria

    We need to get Caleb and Cooper together for an ice cream bowl party! Thanks for sharing! xo

  • Julie

    Thanks for including my version of your waffles in this post… Those malted waffles are my favorite.

    Any thoughts on an excellent iPhone list-making app? I’ve been trying to find one for the last few days and haven’t found one I enjoy yet!

  • Kaitlyn

    these are great! 🙂 thanks.

  • amanda

    LOVE your sandals. where are they from?

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