My Everyday Life Week 50

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 50

Thank heavens for the Sun. I needed to see some this week. 

Because life has looked like this for a few weeks.

Waking up with these two.

On the lookout:

Art date with Neiley. We checked out open studios in Sausalito.

This masterpiece was “PRICELESS”

An artist and her painting.

The colors caught my eye.

Life is received with open hands.

A good reminder when I stepped away from my desk to play.

I love seeing artist’s mood boards.

Right off the page.

Tulip closeup.

This made me want to collage.

There’s a deer in there if you look hard.

Make a list. Get help.

Sausage Bread with marinara and roasted broccoli.

Still decorating my tree… it’s been a slow process. One day (SOON) I will put the tupperware away.

Tiny being tall.

Tiny sniffing my Matcha Sesame Granola.

Made with love.

A chicken salad from Tender Tenders.

Visiting the Marin Humane Society…


He still doesn’t have a name yet (WE CANNOT AGREE ON ONE).

He hasn’t met our other cats yet. We are taking it slow.


He’s such a sweet, goofy, happy little guy.

Office party in the city.


Picking through treasures at an estate sale.

Making little arrangements out of cars that caught my eye.

Fat Panse.  1936

I bought a bag of pencils.

It belonged to the lady of the house. She was an artist.

I am putting her tools to good use.

Spent a lot of time here this week.

My space is filled with plants. I like that.

Painting things.

Cheesesteak after basketball practice.

Names for cat.

Breakfast sandwich goat.

These two.


Shipping out orders from here.

Trader Joe’s tamales are pretty good.

He wanted a best cat friend.

Live like Ben!

A reminder to stretch.

A fish plate at a place we’ve never tried.

Busy getting your pep talk packs, food journals, and stickers out the door!



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  • Danielle

    I love reading these so very much. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate the little things. My daughter’s name is Remy so that’s my vote for a kitty name…not that you asked! 🙂 It made me smile to see it.

  • Alicia A

    He’s a Tuxedo kitty.
    I have a Maxwell, Lydia, and Gracie.

  • Heidi

    Remy! He looks like a Remy.

  • Scarlett

    I also like Remy!

  • Jenna

    Rex or Ramen are my (unsolicited) votes, I like Remy too. Ramen Benjamin sounds good… haha. Looking forward to hearing what his name ends up being!

  • CyndiTX

    That kitten is the sweetest, you are the sweetest for giving her a loving home –

  • Amanda

    Your kitten posts are making me so happy! I don’t comment often but I look forward to every time I get one of your posts in my inbox. I keep telling myself I need to look for the light more. I’m planning on using my camera more in 2020 and maybe getting myself organized enough to blog. You are inspiring!

  • lee

    Your new kitten is absolutely adorable! Hope the other two cats enjoy their new friend once they get to meet.

  • Becky B

    Kitty! I love tuxedo cats. He looks like either a Leo or a Remy

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