May 10, 2024


Feeling Stuck is a Feeling, not a Fact! // I love lists - Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. If you love looking at maps, this website is amaze.
  2. I can’t sleep on a plane. 
  3. You call it stress cleaning, I call it rage cleaning.
  4. Hotels with the most amazing gardens.
  5. Uhh. Should drones go that fast?
  6. I need to do a garage purge.
  7. Another ground beef recipe to add to the rotation.
  8. These Old Bay Goldfish crackers look yum
  9. A discussion about performative pantries.
  10. History’s Greatest Moms.
  11. A whole bunch of gift ideas for Mom (or you).
  12. My Mom always got her flowers at Costco.
  13. For the upcoming sriracha shortage.
  14. Seems like something Steve Jobs would do. 
  15. And the secret ingredient for creamy nacho cheese is…
  16. These kids did an amazing job! 
  17. Life Magazine’s Best Animal Covers from the past. 
  18. The dress I live in during this time of year. 
  19. Speaking of, I’m compiling a list of cute Amazon sundresses. 
  20. Weekend Baking: Simple Drop Biscuits


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