My Everyday Life: Week 46

Here’s what the past week looked like:

Pink cotton candy sky.
My Everyday Life: Week 46


Eggs & Salsa and to do list and it goes ON and ON and ON…

My Everyday Life: Week 46

A trip to IKEA.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Cloud in puddles.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

My handsome dinner date.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

This is the face I wake up to.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Cooper always likes to match what he’s wearing to Casey, but today he wore his Converse cuz I wore mine and that makes me happy.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

HONEY + BUTTER    What could go wrong??

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Our dryer is old. I really like the typography on it though.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

I went to see David Sedaris with my friend Amy this week. AMAZING. We laughed so hard.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

It’s that time of year when shadows are blue.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Out to a nice lunch with my husband at Zuni.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Flourless Banana Pancakes.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Picking up Cooper from school.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

A quick trip to Rustic Bakery. Sweet & Savory goodness.

My Everyday Life: Week 46


My Everyday Life: Week 46


My Everyday Life: Week 46

I started to write hello and then some dog ran up to me.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

AMAZING salad coming at you!

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Clouds are my crack.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Afternoon light.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

He’s getting so big.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Cooper, this is US.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

“It’s a Car then it’s a truck then it’s a train. How do you spell that, Mommy?”

My Everyday Life: Week 46

A beautiful sunny walk.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

There were a few really warm days here. Like tank top weather days.

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Hush!!! Puppies…

My Everyday Life: Week 46

I hosted & styled a holiday party for The Kitchn last night. I can’t wait to see how it turned out!

My Everyday Life: Week 46

Have a great weekend! xox

  • Siobhan

    I love your Everyday Life photos! This week they are so artistic, lovely little snapshots of your daily life. I have to say that where you live looks a lot more interesting (and pretty) than where I live here in Ireland! 😉

  • jamie @ arugulaholic

    Hush puppies!! I haven’t had one in so long. Looks like another great week!

  • joy the baker

    is cooper going to be taller than you one day? that will be CRAY.

    • Tracy

      he will, and I will cry but then I’ll ask him to fetch the bowl on the top shelf for me.

  • Sini│my blue&white kitchen

    Honey butter? Yes! Honey butter on a slice of toasted baguette sprinkled with some thyme? Even better.

  • Ronni

    Hush puppies! I’ve been waiting for these since you mentioned them on the podcast this summer.

  • Rose

    Honey butter reminds me of my childhood. We could buy it in the grocery store, regular and cinnamon. Yum!

  • Claire @Lemon Jelly Cake

    You mean I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a sparkling, brand new matching set of washer/dryer? 🙂 Our dryer is (was) old too and died last week. We’re holding off on buying a new one to see if we can find a good deal and taking our laundry over to my in-laws to dry. Apparently I do laundry almost every single day.

  • Kimberly A

    Do you see the hot air balloon in your Zuni photo?! It’s magical!

    • Nicola

      I see it now! You’re right – that is wonderful! These photos are always such a treat, but hot air balloons are the BEST.

  • Lia

    Lovely pics as usual – I really look forward to these every week! Why does that shadow shot remind me if the 80’s classic Mac & Me though?!!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I need to go to IKEA badly. So jealous!

  • Ellie

    Ahhh! Cooper’s a leftie! I’m a leftie and I have a nephew who, for a while, I thought would also be a leftie, but now he’s migrated to the land of righties…

  • Shana

    The honey butter picture is so gorgeous! the droplets! Wowsers! You are amazing.

  • Jane M

    I want to see your IKEA haul! I love touching all the stuff in the Marketplace! Your XMAS table looks awesome as well! It’s the season.

  • Heidi

    I love your dryer… The font is kind of like the font in Wes Anderson movies. 🙂

  • Kata

    Dearest Tracy,

    I’ve been an avid food blog reader for years now, but for some reason I have never. commented. on a single. blog.

    I just wanted to give you some context because I can’t stay silent any longer.

    When I’m scrolling through your Everyday Life posts, I find myself hoping they will never end. Just the fact that I’m writing this on a Monday morning is a testament to how I ‘save the best for last,’ because I only just got around to reading it.

    I don’t know what it is, but seeing your world through this combination of your photos and words resonates with me more than anything else on the interwebz. I suppose that’s a pretty bold statement, but it is the truth!

    So, thank you for being you, and for being so good at what you do 🙂

    • Tracy

      Wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. That’s such a nice thing to say. I appreciate you.

  • Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka

    I LOVE eggs and salsa. I just made us a big breakfast yesterday with eggs and fresh salsa. Great photos, as always!

  • Gwen Edwards

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE these posts. Always look forward to reading.

  • Michelle

    very nice post! i have enjoyed your blog for a long time too. . . 🙂

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