May 17, 2024


Do Something Productive with Your Feelings- i love lists// shutterbean #hobonichi #hobonichicousin


  1. Wanna see some oddly terrifying photos?
  2. Bunkers are spooky.
  3. A valuable website- Cereal for Dinner! 
  4. Why is the sun so active right now? 
  5. Lego has made a retro radio! 
  6. The funniest town names in the U.S. 
  7. If you want to learn about pigeon superpowers.
  8. Has your garlic ever turned blue?
  9. Let’s go get a cookie at Costco.
  10. What’s happening, McDonald’s?
  11. NASA shows us what it’s like going through a black hole.
  12. Horses are majestic.
  13. Time travel- photos of people from late Victorian era.
  14. I want to bring stuffed peppers back into my life.
  15. Glass flowers are so pretty. I want one.
  16. Do you have a houseplant emergency kit? I sorta do.
  17. This cabin is gorgeous.
  18. Let’s do a plain potato chip test. 
  19. Would you honk?  I probably would. lol
  20. Weekend reading: A Year in Practice


Keep Grief Weird! Podcast with Tracy Benjamin and Dr. MC McDonald about GRIEF! https://keepgriefweird.substack.com/

We’ve shared two episodes of The Keep Grief Weird Podcast in the past week!  In our podcast, we are exploring the many facets of grief and how weird it can be to live with loss and still feel connected to the ones who are gone. 

Here’s the start of our grief journeys, so you can get to know us.

On episode #1, I tell you about my grief story of losing my Mom, Bev on Thanksgiving and how hashtag #keepgriefweird came to be.

On episode #2, MC shares her grief origin story of her losing her father, Bob on Christmas and her mother, Suzanne all within a year at the tender age of 24. MC also lost her first love in high school- which we’ll talk about in later episodes. The wild part of all of this is that MC was deep into studying grief in college while living without the parents she’d just lost. Grief is tricky like that!

You can listen to it wherever you listen to podcasts!  Here’s a Spotify link 🙂

We also have an Instagram account- @keepgriefweird as well as a hashtag #keepgriefweird if you want to share your grief or read other people’s experiences. They’re incredibly touching, thank you for sharing your stories with us!

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