February 12, 2016

I love lists Friday!

I Love Lists Friday on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. The Earth is made of two planets? What.
  2. Magnified sand is pretty amazing.
  3. Are you addicted to your phone? Maybe you’re even reading this on your phone….
  4. This is a cute way to surprise your valentine.
  5. I would like to make this vegan cheese.
  6. How to Snapchat like Teens. Good grief.
  7. Etsy love: this plate, this print , this mug, this vase, these earrings, this bag
  8. Can you imagine being on the Titanic II?!
  9. What Marcia Clark thinks of the People vs. OJ Simpson series.
  10. You’ll never look at chopsticks the same.
  11. This color infographic is pretty neat.
  12. What do women want on Valentine’s Day? I love a good card.
  13. Starbucks food in other countries. Interesting.
  14. Who killed sriracha?  Wait. It’s dead?
  15. The work & craftsmanship behind a Steinway Grand Piano is amazing.
  16. Work Sleep Family Fitness. Pick three!
  17. Release the stress!
  18. What happens to your Facebook after you die?  #morbidcuriosity.
  19. If you love planners….you’ll love seeing this.
  20. Most romantic movies on Netflix (for your Valentine’s Day!)


  • Jane M

    I only just got into Planners – and watching YOUTUBES regarding said planners. MY planner looks nothing like the 1’s posted. I plan as I go – I don’t want to waste my stickers or put pressure on myself to go to Aqua Aeorbics on certain days when I’m unsure I can get out! Needless to say, my planner is messy and kinda all over the place which is just FINE in my book. I’m sure I’ll enjoy looking thru the days/months as messy as they are to see all that I accomplished.

  • Jenna

    Loved reading Marcia Clark’s view of the People Vs. OJ. I just started watching the series on my DVR this week. I was only 10 when the trial took place so I don’t really remember it very well. I went to a Catholic elementary school and can remember our teachers running out into the hallways when the verdict was announced – I think someone was watching the trial in the teacher’s lounge. Anyway, I realize the FX series is a dramatization, but so far, I think it is well done.

  • Courtney

    I actually did an audible “whaaaaaaaat” on the magnified sand. So pretty.

  • Libby

    Oh my gosh. I love everything in that Raccoon Valley Rouge shop on etsy! It’s all so cute.

  • Amy

    1- I’ve made cashew cheese like that, and it’s good (but then, I’m vegan, ha.) Next up I want to try recipes from Miyoko Schinner, vegan cheese-making queen. 2- I would not go on Titanic II. 3- I’m newly obsessed with the Passion Planner’s instagram, where they repost people’s planners, all color-coded and doodled-on. It’s not a pretty planner, but I like how it looks all “lived in” and useful. I’m trying that one next.

  • Jamie

    Your photo here has haunted my dreams since you posted to Instagram. Girl, you have skillz with your iPhone. = )

    Also, I will never understand Snapchat…

  • Lexie

    I just bought a tote on Etsy this week! The seller also makes custom paper dolls that I really want to have made:)


  • kylie @ immaEATthat

    Loving that “release the stress” link! I’m gonna warrior one ALL the time now lol

  • Biz

    #18. My husband passed away in December of 2014. I can’t switch my status to widow because Facebook things we are still married, but I want to keep his profile up because even though he didn’t use it very often, I like going back and reading his rants that the Chicago Cub suck ass. Who knew about the settings!

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