June 14, 2024


Let's Get You Back on Track! - I LOVE LISTS // Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. Every woman deserves to go to Summer camp in France.
  2. Cat meme nation.
  3. This chocolate chip cookie delight looks dangerous.
  4. I appreciate other maximalists. 
  5. Crows can count. Counting Crows.
  6. Paper + famous landmarks. 
  7. Old photos of women being naughty.
  8. Quirky casserole dishes- I love hidden images! 
  9. Let’s read some Trader Joe’s history.
  10. How do you get over jet lag?
  11. Video of Tennis balls being made in 1961.
  12. I want to go over to Amy Sedaris’ place.
  13. This is MY NEW FAVORITE FUN PEN!! 
  14. Some movies you probably shouldn’t watch with your kids (yet).
  15. Mustard grilled– try that at IN & OUT. Report back.
  16. We were obsessed w/ recording things thanks to Home Alone. 
  17. Infrared photos fascinate me.
  18. I put together a compilation of cute sundresses. 
  19. World’s largest book sorter.
  20. Did you check out my Favorite Gardening Tools?



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  • Jamie

    Thanks for the great roundup, as usual. Stop posting pen recs though, my collection/addiction is already to strong… ; ) Happy Friday!!

  • Alicia A

    My youngest just graduated high school and got her license, so we bought her a good used car for graduation. Now I’m a bit lost, thanks for the boost of getting back on track, it’s my turn now, after being a SAHM for 24 years!

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