February 10, 2009

oh vegas!

celebrating chinese new year still

This past weekend we went to Las Vegas for a wedding. It was our first time away from Cooper AND our first time to Las Vegas. (thank you mom!)

Such a wonderful trip. Still tired as a result!

People watching was FANTASTIC and the food we ate was killer. Because Casey and I love eating our way through a city, I made sure book some reservations the second our flights were booked.

Here are some of the places we ate:

*Nobhill (took pictures, but the lack of flash made everything so blah! I am NOT going to be that person who is firing a flash in a dark restaurant all night long. It’s like being on your cellphone…but worse!)

*Bouchon (Thomas Keller held the key to our hangover cure at Brunch on Sunday)

which included…..

Hot beignets with a cinnamon sugar dusting

sides of strawberry jam and nutella!

Casey ordered Chicken & Waffles with a vanilla bean syrup

casey ordered chicken & waffles

I had Sausage & Eggs (cooked PERFECTLY)

hangover cure

with a tasty Bloody Mary

bloody mary does a hangover good

It made me decide that my idea of heaven is eating my way out of a vat of croissants from Bouchon! (no joke)

a bouchon croissant!

*Mesa ( Ate there for lunch-endured the diatribe by the waiter about Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay!)

I had a BBQ Lamb Cobb Salad

lamb cobb salad

Casey ate Chicken & Sweet Potato Hash topped w/ a poached egg-some Southwestern Hollandaise sauce on top

sweet potato hash with chicken/poached egg

There was sooo much to see in Vegas….

Hopefully we will get to go back sometime soon. Still so much to explore!

On the plane I started compiling a list of my next food adventures in the kitchen.

i realized i should sit at window seats more

Stay Tuned!

  • Dana

    What a wonderful mother you have to allow you to get away! My mom lives in the same city as us and won’t stay with our (very well-behaved) boys so we are forced to pay for help if we want some time away.

    • Tracy

      dana- you are correct! My mom is wonderful! She and Coop have the best relationship. It makes me so happy to see how eager she is to love my baby! I am super fortunate!

  • Clever Karen

    Loved the pictures from Bouchon! We had brunch there during the summer and it was the best. Their basket of pastries is worth a trip to Vegas alone!


  • Beverly

    The secret to love is to make time for each other. The birth of a child truly interrupts a relationship. Dana, I am proud of you. Even though your Mother did not sit for you, you saw the importance of having time away. Tracy and Casey gave us a beautiful grandchild to love. We will do our part in helping them have time alone with each other, and in that time we will bond with this precious gift.

  • rebekka

    Sausage + eggs + croissant + bloody mary = must be dreaming

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