My Everyday Life: Week 41

Here’s what this past week looked like:
Taco night! I had my tacos with butter lettuce. It’s actually super good.

My Everyday Life: Week 41


I forced myself to go for a walk (wasn’t feeling it) and nature rewarded me.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

And it kept rewarding me…. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SKY?

My Everyday Life: Week 41

I’m happy to see Domino magazine is back.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Taking drinking to a whole new level on Friday. Thanks for the awesome glasses, MAJ!

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Putting together birthday presents all week. My boy is a great builder…and so is my husband.

Casey taught Cooper to say “craftsmanship” and it kills me to hear him say, “Nice craftsmanship, MOM!”

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Zoning out to the current.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Lone leaves are my favorite.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

I pinned this outfit on Pinterest.  And I wore it with black denim. Loves!

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Breakfast view.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Made this Brussels Sprouts Salad with a side of BBQ chicken.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

On a walk and ran into bunnies.

My Everyday Life: Week 41


My Everyday Life: Week 41

I love seaweed salad.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Hairs before haircut/color.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Hairs after!  I went with a dark purple/magenta combo for fall. I’m curious how it’s gonna fade…

My Everyday Life: Week 41

“MOM!! I painted the MAMMA LISA today at school!”

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Autumn shadows.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

He was reluctant to hold my hand. It’s happening…

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Cream cheese frosting!

My Everyday Life: Week 41

For my boy’s 5th birthday cake! This took me like 4 hours to make. WHEW.

I’m not the mom that makes homemade Halloween costumes…I’m the mom that makes 3 layer birthday cakes from scratch. And that’s totally cool with me. The batman logo was made out of marzipan— Cooper wasn’t a fan but I WAS.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

5. We’ve been waiting FOREVER to use that candle.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

I was so busy with his birthday party that this is the only other picture I took…when I stopped for a second to have a drink. WHEW.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

The next morning I sent Casey out for doughnuts.  We had an epic slumber party.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Party residuals.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

UMMM. They sell my favorite bourbon at COSTCO. Hand for scale.

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Mixing up my breakfasts and wearing pajamas that look like real clothes.

My Everyday Life: Week 41


My Everyday Life: Week 41

Have a great weekend! xo

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  • christina

    Happy weekend! I’ve got to know — where are your boots from?! I normally don’t like ankle boots, but those look so cute!

  • Tami-TeacherGoesBackToSchool

    That bourbon bottle. WOW.

    Love the new hair cut/color. So pretty.

    FIVE. It seems like time is going by really fast now. Mine is almost 3. How did that happen? Although I love that she is talking in complete sentences now.

  • Becky

    These posts are my favourite. I absolutely love your photography and seeing what your life is like. Plus they make me miss the Bay Area sooooo much…

  • holly

    I am totally with you on the homemade birthday cake vs. costume!

  • meg

    The bourbon is insane! Looks like it was a really wonderful week 🙂

  • Amy

    Your corn tortillas always look so homemade and super yummy. Where do you get them from?

  • Meagan

    Major bourbon. Major purple hair! You had a beautiful week…

  • Dale

    Love the hair – the colours look very rich which is sometimes hard to get with purples.

  • Pam

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! Both the before and the after! And I love the cake too. You are a great mom. Have a great week Tracey!

  • Amie

    What do you think about the new Domino issues? I’m not loving them like I did when it was a monthly magazine.

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    I feel you about the birthday party. Calvin and Hope are sharing the day and we have a total of 35 kiddos and 50 adults as of now. Still days to RSVP. Thank god it is a park, but still. No I am not making a cake! That is what grandparents and bakeries are for. Next year we have to limit the invites.
    Love your hair!!!!

  • jo

    Hi! I really love your blog but it’s been a while since you last posted something about your home decor and I was wondering whether we can expect one in a future? 🙂 Would love to see your christmas decorations for example.

  • Jane M

    Boot season just started here in the northeast. Today was the first day I really felt the change in seasons! I heart fall.

  • Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka

    Lovely roundup! I love your photos and your hair color!

  • Nicola

    I genuinely can’t pick a favourite photo this week, they all make me happy. Boot weather is my favourite, but it’s pool weather here in Brisbane so I guess I’ll just have to put sunscreen on and embrace what I’ve got! (ie drink beer in the pool….)

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I love your butter lettuce idea for tacos. I’d rather spend the calories on cheese and guac anyways.

  • judith

    What!!!??? Your Costco sells whiskey? Why doesn’t my Costco sell whiskey?

  • erica

    that’s my favorite bourbon, too 🙂

  • Ellen

    I love the hair color. I miss being able to do things like that. Downside of being an actor is you can’t change your hair unless you are willing to go out and take new headshots…

  • Shirin

    Hi Tracey I was reading with my son sitting next to me and he saw the pic of Cooper’s cool bday gift. What is it? His birthday is Monday and he asked if we could get it for him. He likes the picture of Cooper :). I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

    • Wendy

      Yes Tracey! Please let us know the toy! My son was very interested too! And I love your hair, blog and smile!

  • Jenny

    Love the new haircolor. Purple is my favorite!

  • Amy

    Great hair colour and awesome birthday cake! My sister just made a spiderman cake for a family friend’s little boy – must be superhero season 🙂 I love when you make yourself go for a walk and the universe gives you something in return.

  • Sini

    Your new hair looks absolutely amazing, Tracy! That color! Can’t wait to see more of it.

  • Allison @ Celebrating Sweets

    Cooper’s cake looks awesome! My heart sank a little when I read “he was reluctant to hold my hand”, they grow so fast, that will be my son before I know it.

  • Valerie

    Wow! That is the biggest bottle of bourbon I ever did see!!! Some days require your Bourbon to be super-sized (and that’s totally okay!)

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    Your little drinky-poo glass made me laugh. So cool!

  • Denise

    I did not know Domino was back – must find! As always I am inspired to start a week at a glance post …. 🙂

  • carolyn!!

    hahah, i think that your hand shrunk! how is it possible the bottle of bourbon is that big?

    i love it when nature rewards you. good on you for making it out for your walks.

  • Sarah | The Sugar Hit

    UGH! What a week! Hooray for boot season.

  • Catherine McCord

    Please tell me you’re going to post the recipe for Cooper’s cake! You’re making all of us mom’s look bad. Share the wealth 😉 xo

  • Justine Johnson

    This is so fantastic! The EEEEEE bit made me laugh out loud.

  • Jamie

    LOVE your hair! Love it. Make me want to rock some purple/magenta curls. = )

  • Priya

    That picture of your new haircut is gorgeous it looks awesome.
    My daughter is 5 at the end of the month and I am planning a huge layer cake as well – I am doing the cake Deb (smitten kitchen) did for Jacob. I love being the cake baking mum!

  • lani

    That cake is a masterpiece! Can you tell me what that transparent and rainbow colored toy is? It looks like something my nephews would like!

  • Arianne

    They just opened a COSTCO in New Orleans. I’m so excited to go buy bourbon!

  • biobabbler

    oh, God, yes, BOOTS!!!

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